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Sex and the City
Sex and the City was the kind of show that actually improved over time—and not just for us straight guys tuning in for girlie gossip. What started off as Cosmo-lubricated escapism (especially in Candace Bushnell’s original design) slowly began to gain heft, as the real subject came into view: mortality. Men would never fully complete these women, nor would sex, though the show’s fuck-me feminism was certainly welcome. When brassy Samantha (Cattrall), the series’s finest creation, quietly broke down at a funeral, we were suddenly watching real drama.

You’ll hear much sniffling in your dolled-up audience as this mega-anticipated film version unspools. That’s actually a good thing: Sex and the City, written and directed by the show’s most intelligent helmer, Michael Patrick King, is a proper evolution, gradually empowered, honest and loaded with candy-colored anxiety. Yes, Big (Chris Noth) and Carrie (Parker) plan a gorgeous wedding, complete with a Vogue photo shoot. Not everything goes to plan, and for the next two hours, the movie is a mourning story, a resiliency tale. Tears are shed in a Mexican retreat. Hair is dyed dark. It’s serious-period Woody Allen, if he were a better shopper.

Carrie hires an intuitive assistant (Jennifer Hudson, better than in her overrated Dreamgirls turn) to help her go through the wreckage of her life, and the film leans into some rebirth clichés—even literally, when Charlotte (Davis) suddenly turns up preggers. But here too is cheating, jealousy and smugness. More subtly, can you think of the last time a Hollywood movie starred four cougars? (Hollywood needs SATC more than HBO does.) Of course, there’s room for multiple resolutions that accommodate forgiveness—and truthfulness. In a sense, that’s the happiest ending of all for a show that required its wrinkles more than it knew.

By: Joshua Rothkopf


Release details

Release date: Wednesday May 28 2008
Duration: 0 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Michael Patrick King
Screenwriter: Michael Patrick King
Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker
Kim Cattrall
Cynthia Nixon
Kristin Davis
Jennifer Hudson
Chris Noth
Candice Bergen
Lynn Cohen
Mario Cantone

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Given that I was born in 1995, I think it’s fair to say I was far too young for SATC first time round. It completely passed me by, that was until last year. Knowing the impression left on pop culture and the legacy the series has created, I decided to lose my Sex and The City virginity and find out what I was missing. Before I knew it I’d see the entire TV boxset available on Sky (half hour episodes are very convenient to squeeze in and the show easy to dip in and out of), recommended it to all my friends, gone to New York and been on a Sex and The City sightseeing bus tour… I’m not even joking! I’ll admit I’m a big fan of the show, that said I still hadn’t seen either of the films, so I decided to right these wrongs.

I’d heard good things about the first film (less so about the second), so as you can imagine I looked forward to watching the Sex and The City movie for the first time. The film revisit New York, in 5 years from where the series left off and are reunited with our old friends Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte for an overdue catch up and find out what happening in their lives since we last saw them. Without spoilers, much like the series of course the film delivers a whirlwind of drama (did you expect anything less?!) and with that you go through a rollercoaster of emotionalups and downs with your gal pals. As ever, I love how they present the themes of friendship, sex and relationships, and life in New York – though the storylines can be farfetched, there’s also many subject matters approached that will ring true for many viewers. The characters are strong and remain consistent with the series, though time has passed the continuity is reliable and realistic, and everything flowed naturally - that said I don't think you'd necessarily needed to have seen the series as the film could almost be a stand alone, however you'd be missing out on the nostalgia. I will be watching this film for years to come, whilst hoping for a third film!

Do not go to the cinema very often. Have never watched the tv series but thoroughly enjoyed film.

I love the series & glad its repeated on Ch5, as for the film what can I saay except I loved it so much I've seen it with my husband (who thought it boring & nearly fell asleep), 2 girlfriends(1 of whom had never even seen the TV version!), on my own & tonigt with another girlfriend...every time is different & the music's cool too. My lovely son got me the CD & I play it in the house, the car, the office etc. Hurry up with SATC2please!!!

Clearly its a film to go and see if u truelly love SATC, people may have fort it was shit but personally i thought it was brilliant it really shows u the humour and the not so happy things that come with being in love as well as showing you the struggles of many different things...yes sex and the city is alot to do with sex, love and shoes with in New York but the film throws in so much more than that.

Absolutly fantastic can not wait till it comes out on DVD will be def buying it

for all the people who wrote, longest film ever, boring.. etc.. you're wasting your time. this was a great film and anyone with half decent taste, loved it. ohh and since you're time is so precious that you cant waste it on a film that is clearly amazing, maybe you should take your comments elsewhere and save some of that time for someone who cares. keep watching people. great film indeed.

I thought the film was great went to watch it with 3 friends, we all thought what a great film, i would defo buy it on dvd.

Treated my wife to it. Review said there was plenty of laughter so I fortified myself with a brandy to uninhibit my chuckle button (my wife drove). I laughed aloud through the first half an hour, laughed and cried through the rest. I have not cried so consistently with any other movie - it pressed many of my emotional buttons (anything to do with the brandy?) Thoroughly enjoyed it, though. More than my wife did, I think. Money well spent.

Fantastic - If you are true fan of the series you will love this! I didn't want it to end

FANTASTIC! What a film, never wanted it to end! A MUST see....Enjoyed the whole film

I will never understand the people who didnt think this was the best film in thw world. laughs, tears, fashion, sentiment, the film has it all. If i could give it 11 out of ten i would. now where did i put my manolos?

FAB chick flick - will go and see again. Tears, laughter, and a few more tears. Worth it just for the outfits (don't they look in the mirror before they go out?) Fashion police enjoy!

what a fag! Why give away the plot so precisely just because you've seen the movie. Give other people a chance to fulfill the anticipation. Anyways, to be general the movie was remarkable, fascinating, and thrilling all at once. so, enjoy it if you haven't seen it already. Take Romeo's word.

OMG GUYYYYSSS this film is the best everrrr...magical..brought me to tears Even now i still have a tear in my petit eye . I have seen it atleast 5 times and it never gets boring.. plaese go or you will break my heart love you guys mwahh xxxxx

This film should be compulsory viewing for all women, everywhere. I loved the TV show and the film exceeded my expectations. Fabulous! Cosmo's all round!

oh my god a must see going back again still thinking about the outfits. 100% best movie

loved it, loved it, loved it! the movie did not disappoint, i agree it was long but i only realised how long when my friend kept calling me to see if we were out of the cinema yet! going to watch this again, and waiting for the dvd!

when to seee it with the girrrrrls. WASSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! bit to long mind you..

sumptuously stylish ,sporadically sexy and smart and i am a man who is not a fan of the show still i found this a funny ,witty and frivolous romp with great acting and some really provoking dialogues , go watch it yourself and make up your own mind whether it is good or bad - sarah virtually graces every scene in this stylish take on a quartet of new york's 40 something smart women , but kim catrall steals the show as she gets the best role and lines as a self styled nymphomaniac, the movie has enough designer costumes and accessories to make most women swoon,and a latino stud called dante to provide soft-core sex in lost angels , it is a feel good and look good scren version and despite some cliches and stereotypes it does come up with some smart one-liners . it is dressed like audrey hepburns breakfast at tiffanys for 2008 ,and that was possibly the inspiration for the tele series too, my girlfriend and me both enjoyed it and if you do not go to see it expecting some kind of deep ravages into the psychological insight of feminine psyche -it is an amicably amiable amble , it is nowhere as smart as smart people -sarah's last outing on screen, but i doubt it has any intention to be smart other then in a chic way and there is plenty of chic here and enough to keep you pondering and peeling with thought and laughter, in that context i absolutely adored a line about men -it was very amart indeed about what woman view men as -they are just there to indulge in sex whether good bad or indifferent -and that is true ,ultimately it is all about sex . jennifer hudson was rather inserted as an afro-american stereotype from st.loius who loves louis vuitton ,as if this was not a global epidemic which has inflicted all races equally , but there is no denying the movie has a lot of old-fashioned style both visually and as a pure escapist cinematic vehicle for the fair sex -as for men like me,we will tag along with the fair creatures for the sake of sex . GO SEE IT AND HAVE SEX . - jbz7879

This was pure perfection, it was funny, genuinely moving and a visual feast! The chemistry between the 4 girls is incredible despite all the media chat to the contrary. I loved it so much I can't wait to go and see it again and this is from someone ho never watches movies twice. In short you'd be 'carr'-azy not to see it

This was a great movie!!! It was so good seeing the girls back together on the big screen! I laughed and cried all through the movie. I give this move 5 full stars and TWO GIANT thumbs up!!

Man-oh-man!! The controversey, the build-up, the anticipation? This movie delivered like a third date orgasm. Absof@*!inglutely fabulous. Yassin has a life supply of brownies.

Guilty pleasure! You do not go to this flic for plot and substance. It is so far removed from my working woman reality. That is why I so enjoyed it. Went with some work friends, different age ranges, all thought it was good. Come on people. Life is a little too serious most of the time. Fantasy is healthy.

Message to Hanner-ox Hi, to confirm the film is a 15 so you may just get in. It depends on how your parents feel I guess. Anyway its a great movie. Whether you see it on the big screen or a DVD you will not be disappointed. Lots of laughs and tears and great preformances from all involved. Anyone that knocks the film should be sent to Australia, no sorry that is too good for them, the moon, and left there with just one boxset of DVDs to watch. Yes you guessed it "SITC" and they should be sent the SITC movie DVD when it comes out. And only when they repent should they be allowed back on Earth. Harsh I dont think so! All the best

I So Wanna See This;; But im Onlyy 13 + i N33D To Know if its a 12 Or a 15 Someone PLEASE Tell Me ox

The reviewer doesn't reveal the whole plot , only the denouement, and if everyone was really bothered about finding out any details you would avoid all reviews before going to see the film.

brill best film i've seen in ages was nearly weeing ma self with laughter and ma man loved it even though he only went for me. And every guy in there enjoyed it i even seen a guy cry. Its only guys that cant handle a independent female that complains about films like these as there prats.

This film is absolutely fantastic, a great credit to Michael Patrick King and the cast of SATC, One minute you are laughing so much your sides hurt and the next your havin an aul cry-my expectations were totally exceeded, I went to see the film on Wednesday and I'm still on a high from it. And it conveys an important message throughout-no matter what labels you have or men in your life you still will always have your girlfriends to pick you up when everything falls around you. And most importantly don't forget it!!

This is the best review I have read about this film... that actually does it justice! All of the other reviews have been from men that have never watched the show. Thank you, Time Out!


I loved it and so did everyone else at the cinema at Canary Wharf. There were lots of men. I am taking my guy tionight who also loved the series, what rubbish that he didn't!! And he is straight as arrow...

The movie is absolutely great, go watch it, it will undeniably make you feel good! It's even better if you are a fan, it definetely won't dissapoint you!The story simply flows, has genuine ups and downs, the characters are believable, the outfits gorgeous, Carrie is too skinny to be pretty so Im not even gelous:-), I laughed a lot and smiled throughout the whole movie, the team couldnt have done it better to end the series!

i am soooooo excited im off to see the movie tomorrow and cant wait. i am an absolute true fan i even own all the series on dvd. cant wait for movie i know it wont let me down as i am a true FAN!!!!! love sex and the city.

He certainly should have included a Spoiler Alert. But I've seen the film, and there is sooo much more to the movie that what appears in the review. If you liked the show, you will love the film, is my take. It is a little long, but who cares? It's touching and it's funny and it's every bit a bigger version of the TV series. You'll love it.

Did I like it? Absofu*****lutely! It was very well done, had the friendship vibe all the way through just like the series, and some really poignant moments. Yes it's just a film, but a feel good one and if you loved the series then you'll love this.

Omg..if you liked ps i love you and film like that. you are bound to like it.

I havent seen it yet but I know I will have to take my wonderful partner, Leo, to see it. She claims she is not fanatical about it but just to put things in perspective, I had to buy her the SITC DVD boxset because my Sky+ never had any room left for anything else. I am sure the film will be fantastic. Even if the four just girls just sat on a single set and talked about Shoes, Clothes, Sex and Men (Listed in order of importance) it would still be a good movie. Also whoever said straight guys dont get it. I am straight, or at least I thought I was and I get it. Its simple, you watch and learn. Dont fight it guys. I wonder how many brownie points I wil score with this review?

outstanding - this will stand the test of time to become a true classic, both stylistically and narratively. visually stunning, acted beautifully, there are moments where you really, really cry and then moments of pure hilarity! i urge you to see it - it will not dissappoint!

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