Sicario 2: Soldado

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Sicario 2: Soldado

This bleakly uncompromising sequel to the 2015 thriller misses the warmth of Emily Blunt and the vision of director Denis Villeneuve.

‘Sicario’, the grisly 2015 narco-thriller about an FBI agent on a black ops mission in Mexico, combined slam-bang action with PhD-smart analysis of the moral ambiguities of America’s war on drugs. Now here’s a sequel, missing key players: actor Emily Blunt, director Denis Villeneuve (‘Blade Runner 2049’) and cinematographer Roger Deakins have all bailed. ‘Sicario 2’ is decent enough, but you can’t deny the weapons-grade star power is gone.

We’re back on the Mexico-US border where the drug cartels have upped the ante: now they’re trafficking Islamic terrorists alongside immigrants. (In a horrible scene at the start a suicide bomber blocks the door of a supermarket in Kansas City while a woman clutching a little girl begs him not to detonate his bomb.) Josh Brolin is CIA agent Matt Graver. He may look like a stoner dude, but Graver is the guy the US government calls to do its dirty work on foreign soil. His response to the terrorist attack is to plot the kidnap of a Mexican cartel boss’s teen daughter and start a gang war.

Director Stefano Sollima (TV’s ‘Gomorrah’) and writer Taylor Sheridan bring authentic-feeling details to the film and we get more Benicio del Toro as Alejandro, the prosecutor-turned-assassin determined to avenge the murder of his family. Del Toro is the Ernest Hemingway of screen badasses: the less he says the better he is – he does his most convincing work while looking like he’s about to nod off. ‘Sicario 2’ sets up a future instalment centred on him: that sequel will be a must.

By: Cath Clarke


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Friday June 29 2018
123 mins

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Stefano Sollima
Taylor Sheridan
Benicio Del Toro
Josh Brolin
Isabela Moner
Jeffrey Donovan
Catherine Keener

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I have no idea what on earth people saw in the first film? It was so so unbelievable. Why on earth would a CIA operative be crying? Do you honestly not think that they would have beaten that out of them if they are going to send them out into the field? You have to be as hard as nails, if not harder... it was pathetic. So pleased to see that this sequel didn't bring her back... she was long gone. Some fun, very much a chewing gum movie though and a strange ending. Some very very confusing moments... someone please explain the latter half of the film to me!


Confusing yet uncomplicated, this overlerly long thriller takes its time for not a lot to happen. The feeling of dread provided by its affecting soundtrack isn’t matched by what happens onscreen, however the set-up for a third part potentially promises more... if you’re still bothered by the time the credits roll.