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Much of the exceptional aerial footage for this futuristic fantasy was shot, appropriately, in Turkey. The incomprehensible storyline concerns a purifying wind which swept the polluted planet clean, leaving a detritus of nomadic pilots and wind-worshippers. Star warrior Hamill is surprisingly hard-edged as the lawman trying to bring renegade robot Peck to justice. Perhaps hoping to compensate for the atrocious dialogue, Paxton overacts wildly as a bounty hunter with an eye on the reward. For some reason, they all end up in an isolated community of wind-worshipping hippies, whose watchword seems to be 'Go fly a kite', by which time you'll wish you had. Religious leader Kingsley dies under a millstone, and F Murray Abraham pops up as the leader of a bunch of decadent aristos holed up in an abandoned museum. Sentiment runs rampant near the end, when Peck's android falls for the film's only credible character (David).

By: NF

Release details

Duration: 102 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Steven M Lisberger
Screenwriter: Tony Kayden
Cast: Mark Hamill
Bob Peck
Bill Paxton
Kitty Aldridge
Eleanor David
Ben Kingsley
F Murray Abraham
Robbie Coltrane
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