Sneinton, a suburb of Nottingham: Should Malc (Hand) carry on a dud life of petty crime with his boozing pals, or clean up his act, as his wife Kate (Smiles) insists? It's a tough choice, influenced not only by questions of cash and camaraderie, but by the fact that Jumbo (writer/director Meadows in memorably terrible wig) seems bent on wrecking any relationship Malc tries to establish outside their gang. Shot on video for a pittance, Smalltime may be rough and ready, but the title belies its big heart and acute perceptions. Though often very funny, this proudly parochial fable never opts for knowing caricature: the authenticity of these lives, defined by a shell-suited, Lambrusco-glugging lack of sophistication and unthinking laddishness, still allows for unsentimental affection and the odd serious insight.

By: GA

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Rated: 18
Duration: 61 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Shane Meadows
Screenwriter: Shane Meadows
Cast: Mat Hand
Dena Smiles
Shane Meadows
Gena Kawecka
Jimmy Hynd
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