Smash Palace

This turkey treads similar ground to Mike Newell's Bad Blood (middle-aged New Zealander cracks up and is forced into the role of outlaw). But while Newell constructed a web of social, communal and familial tensions, Donaldson wallows in male menopausal angst via dumbly overstated symbols. Thus the hero runs a wrecked car dump (his marriage is failing), but is building a racing car (he clings to a relationship with his daughter, whom he eventually kidnaps). Get the connections? Instantly forgettable.

By: SJ

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Duration: 108 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Roger Donaldson
Screenwriter: Roger Donaldson
Cast: Bruno Lawrence
Anna Jemison
Keith Aberdein
Greer Robson
Desmond Kelly
Lynne Robson
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