Someone Like Hodder

Film, Family and kids
Lone motherless Hodder (Johansen, excellent) doesn't appear too unhappy with his lot, although he would dearly love his fly-posting father to find another woman. Nevertheless, he does have a hard time at school, where he's constantly bullied and often falsely blamed for others' misdeeds. He takes it all in his stride, however, because he knows he must be the chosen one when a fairy flutters into his life and instructs him to 'save the world'. This adaptation of Bjarne Reuter's children's novel may lack a satisfying denouement, but it's a charming little fable all the same.

By: DA

Release details

Rated: U
Duration: 80 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Henrik Ruben Genz
Screenwriter: Bo Hr Hansen
Cast: Frederik Christian Johansen
Lars Brygmann
Birthe Neumann
Anette Støvelbaek
Trine Appel