Space Jam

Film, Comedy
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As a cynical exercise in franchise exploitation this live-action/animated feature takes some beating; as a film, its target audience appears to be child fans of the cartoon characters' live-action co-star, basketball player Michael Jordan. Realising he doesn't get a penny from the spin-off toys owned by Jordan's kids, Bugs Bunny considers getting a better agent. To revive his ailing Moron Mountain theme park, Swackhammer dispatches his minions, the Nerdlucks, to Looney Tunes Land, to kidnap Bugs, Daffy Duck, Wile E Coyote, et al. To save their skins, the Looney Tunes challenge their would-be abductors to a game of basketball, whereupon the Nerdlucks transform themselves into their fearsome alter egos, the Monstars, before siphoning off the ball-playing skills from a bunch of NBA stars. To even up the odds, Bugs and Co kidnap Jordan and beg him to lick them into shape for the big game. The set plays are transparently simple, the execution sloppy and the ending signposted days in advance. Visually, it's a mess: the attempts to blend 2- and 3-D animation with live-action and computer-generated images produce scenes that are fuzzier than the storyline.

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Duration: 87 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Joe Pytka
Screenwriter: Steve Rudnick, Leo Benvenuti, Timothy Harris, Herschel Weingrod
Cast: Bill Murray
Theresa Randle
Michael Jordan
Larry Bird
Wayne Knight
Charles Barkley
Manner 'Mooky' Washington

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Did you even watch the movie? It's target audience "appears...Michael Jordan". No kidding, they're on the box. Bugs Bunny never even says they need a better agent, that's Daffy Duck. And he's the idiot character for the Looney Tunes. The Nerdlucks don't change into their "alter-ego's" that would insinuate that they can do this on a normal basis. Which they can't, and you said this happened before they stole the NBA stars' talent. C'mon man, seriously? Try actually paying attention to the movie. They changed after they stole the talent. I'll ignore your part that the set plays were "...simple... sloppy...". If you meant the plays in the Big Game, there were none until near the end of the game, where Michael tells them to steal it and get it to him. The storyline was pretty straightforward; things wanna take us, let's goof around with them (we're the Tunes), they steal talent, then change into Monstars in front of us, get our own superstar to help us not be taken. Yes a simple storyline, but intriguing enough to catch Jordan fan's attention, not just the children's. Your review was written with a bias, and/or without actually paying attention to the movie. I would suggest actually watching the movie again, and then rewriting your review. Or just writing a new one overall.