Spy Hard

Film, Comedy
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Nielsen is the Agency's star operatve Dick Steele (codename: WD-40). Intrepid, debonair, yet surprisingly accident-prone, Steele leaves a trail of destruction in his wake. When his beloved fellow agent Victoria Dahl falls to her death from a cliff as Steele puts paid to the ambitions of his nemesis General Rancor (Griffith), WD-40 feels it's time to hang up his badge. Fifteen years on, and Rancor's back, unarmed limb-wise, though he does have a very large rocket and he's threatening to use it unless he gets the final microchip that'll bring him world domination. Bond may be the main target, but Spy Hard is hardly frugal with its references. After the Naked Guns, and Wayne's Worlds, this Hollywood spoofery is becoming almost a genre in itself. Like Hot Shots! there's the same mistaken belief that simply tagging other films will be intrinsically funny: Nielsen running into a convent dressed as a nun and conducting the sisters through 'Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head' does not a great Sister Act parody make.

By: NB

Release details

Duration: 81 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Rick Friedberg
Screenwriter: Rick Friedberg, Dick Chudnow, Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer
Cast: Leslie Nielsen
Nicollette Sheridan
Andy Griffith
Charles Durning
Marcia Gay Harden
Barry Bostwick
John Ales
Stephanie Romanov
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