St Trinians 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold

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St Trinians 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold
Unruly schoolgirls unite to get rich – oh, and thwart crime – in another noisy instalment of the revived franchise. It’s a new term, and Annabelle Fritton (Talulah Riley) has been made head girl. Her first responsibility is thrust upon her when the gals discover a Fritton ancestor hid buried treasure. Two rings hold the key to its location: one has been found by a pupil, the other is missing. Both are desired by the dastardly Lord Pomfrey (David Tennant). And so the girls must square up to Pomfrey, infiltrate a secret society and run riot around London’s landmarks in short skirts and over-the-knee socks.

But all this plot stuff is pretty irrelevant in a ‘St Trinian’s’ movie: it’s about escapism for young girls, and in the tradition of teen movies, there’s an idol for each tribe: Emos, Rude Girls, Posh Totties, Geeks and ‘Ecos’ (the Noughties answer to Crusties). Lazy pop culture references abound, including several out-dated Amy Winehouse gags. There’s also a token schoolgirl role for 28-year-old Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding, who rocks up looking like the babysitter. Every time she chimes in an octave lower, you think she’s going to get rumbled. Alongside painful stereotypes are the usual exceptions: Rupert Everett as kindly, eccentric headmistress Camilla Fritton and Colin Firth as her former lover Geoffrey. Everett is a particular delight, adding nuance to broad one-liners and sympathetic touches to his character. In short, it’s business as usual at St Trinian’s.

By: Anna Smith


Release details

Rated: PG
Release date: Friday December 18 2009
Duration: 106 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Oliver Parker, Barnaby Thompson
Cast: Rupert Everett
Colin Firth
David Tennant
Gemma Arterton
Talulah Riley
Tamsin Egerton
Sarah Harding
Jodie Whittaker

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3.8 / 5

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Well it was pretty good but the 1st one was like AMAZING and id give it a 5 but this one should have concentrated more on the girls and the schools because the treasure hunting was a bit boring and Sarah Harding's role should have had more background 1st Film-5 2nd Film-3

Terrible film, okay I suppose for pre-pubescent girls but don't even think of relating this in any way to the excellent Ealing comedies, why their name is attached to this drivel in the titles is beyond me.

I liked this film but think Sarah Harding ruined it she really was just an extra that could of Been left out

absolutly immense film dont know what half of you are talking about was amazing and so funny!

absolutly immense film dont know what half of you are talking about was amazing and so funny!

I thoght the movie was good for a light hearted Sunday afternoon but the plot was slightly crazy and the part played by Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding had no purpous.

I thought the movie was good for a light hearted Sunday afternoon but I would have to say the plot was slightly crazy and the character that was played by Sarah Harding did not have any purpous.

absolutely awful has to be the worst film I have ever seen it's just boring and you're waiting for something decent to happen but it never does! the ending is terrible just a ridiculous film bad acting, boring plot might be entertaining if you're about 7 or 8 i can not emphasise how bad the movie is DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Despite all my better instincts - I actually enjoyed this film. Go figure. Maybe I'll rent the first one....

Worst film i have EVER watched. Did not even attempt to stay untill the end

This film is quite good but not as good as the first and is much less funnier

i think the movie was great it was very funny i love the bit when the girls come down from the wall'(s)

Absolutely lousy. Not a patch on the first. Mediocre script and dreadful talent-waste. The whole thing has become a nightmare. Why they had to give most of the parts to Girls Aloud, (Who can't act to save their little lives) is beyond my comprehension. Watched it tonight in a nearly empty cinema... Mostly the audience was watching patiently but quietly, waiting for something to wake up the story then, all of a sudden, NOTHING HAPPENED! What a crying shame.

the first movie was really funny with rupert and firth in full form and i have seen it a few times as it is a true british comedy . this is the nemesis of that damning satire on politics and educational paradigms and very mediocre . even the talented everett and firth cannot save it ,i was really disappointed as i hardly even giggled and the whole idea about bard and birds and rings and secret passages is too absurd to be funny - and in no way is this worthy of being rated AT THE SAME RATING AS avatar - dave calhoun -if you are reading i am strongly protesting - as this is an absolute blasphemy to give 2 stars to this and avatar and harry brown too-anyone can see the discrimination despite art being subjective as such , please take care and merry christmas to the time out team -have a blast of a party -bless you

What an absolute stinker!. Lazy script, tedious performances and boring to boot . . .Time Out's review is waaaay too lenient.

Loveeeeeee the film best film yet of 2009 keep it up number 3 pleze cme out soon

Loveeeeeee the film best film yet of 2009 keep it up number 3 pleze cme out soon

Loved it. Went to see it tonight. Think it's better than the first one. Loving Rupert. "Some people are born great, like the Queen, some become great like Lady Gaga, and others have greatness thrust upon them like Monica Lewinsky! Now that's funny. :)