Star Trek Beyond

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4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
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Star Trek Beyond

Stranded on a hostile planet, Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew face an alien threat

Too much ambition can be a dangerous thing. The previous ‘Star Trek’ movie, 2013’s ‘Into Darkness’, was packed with it: a sprawling epic full of new worlds, violent consequences and hefty emotional moments. It was later – just a little unfairly – voted the worst Trek movie ever by some of the series’s most hardcore fans.

So it’s a genuine pleasure to report that ‘Star Trek Beyond’ is not ambitious in the slightest – unless you count the filmmakers’ absolute commitment to making audiences grin, whoop, and bounce up and down in their seats. More than any franchise entry since 1998’s (admittedly ropey) ‘Star Trek Insurrection’, it feels like a classic TV episode: the crew of the Enterprise head to a mysterious planet, they get into a spot of bother and Captain Kirk punches an alien. The end.

Of course there’s a tad more to it than that, as the Enterprise’s investigation into a mysterious shipwreck leads to a spectacular confrontation with a swarm of drones, and leaves the crew marooned and scattered on a rocky, treacherous world. This time around it’s Kirk (Chris Pine) and Scott (Simon Pegg) who do most of the heroic heavy lifting – co-writer Pegg has noticeaby beefed up his own role – while Spock (Zachary Quinto) keeps it suitably cerebral, wrapped up in fears for the future of his race and grief at the death of his older self. A tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy is genuinely moving – though there’s only a post-film dedication to Anton Yelchin, aka Chekov, whose tragic death was too recent. 

But the dominant mood is giddy and jubilant: not since the original crew stepped down have we felt such a vivid sense of adventure and comradeship. And it helps that ‘Fast & Furious’ veteran Justin Lin is a better straight-up action director than JJ Abrams ever was: the battle scenes roar like thunder, and a late sequence in a gravity-defying starbase is astonishing.

The film’s Achilles heel – again – is its villain: Idris Elba gives it his all as lizard-faced psycho Krall, but deep down he’s just another muscly warrior with an irrational grudge. Still, that – and a handful of dicey plot holes – aside, this is all fun all the time, a dizzying carnival of wisecracks, fisticuffs, explosions, chases and truly eye-popping effects. Who could ask for more?

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Friday July 22 2016
122 mins

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Justin Lin
Doug Jung, Simon Pegg
Simon Pegg
Zoë Saldana
Chris Pine
Idris Elba
Sofia Boutella

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This latest movie in the reboot of the franchise feels like a TV episode, but is that what we want form a Blockbuster movie? The crew investigate a distress signal, get stranded on a planet, have to fight aliens and then escape to save the residents of a nearby space station. There is pretty much no script here (penned by Simon Pegg because apparently the original writer walked out 4 months before shooting). I was very underwhelmed by this, which is a shame because the first movie was awesome with some great set-pieces! This one, not so much.

I'm a star trek fan from the original tv series..a serious Trekki..The last movie...Star Trek Beyond is no comparisont to the two previous movies.......I have seen every star trek movie..and  have bought them all on DVD...this one..well. it was "okay" than I learned that JJ Abrams didn't direct it..well now that explains being just " okay"..I won't be buying this On DVD...


Assuming you're here because you're throwing caution to the win and going for spoilers...

1. The fact that the Star Trek franchise is based on the enterprise - which is destroyed in the first 5 minutes actually made this one a little more interesting for me.  Much more about the characters and interaction with the new planet.

2. I like that we are seeing some character development for Kirk and Spock.

3. The final battle scene was a little anti-climactic for me (and have to agree with Yahaha, destroying the flock to a rock song seemed a little trite)

But otherwise, enjoyable and worth seeing in the cinema for the FX etc.








Destroying a flock of thousands and thousands of spacecrafts with a rock song? I know it's science-fiction but seriously?! The Star Trek saga deserves better. A shame because the cast is very enjoyable.


Star Trek Beyond is the latest addition to the franchise and after the previous 2 films had set the bar so high, I was eagerly awaiting greatness. Justin Lin took the reigns from J.J.Abrams & created a more action driven installment than the previous films. The storyline centered on a split crew trying to survive after a surprise attack from the films antagonist played by Idris Elba. The plot, although nothing overly new, made this an enjoyable film worth a watch, if not the great film I had hoped for & the twist at the end didn't quite have the impact I had hoped for. Despite the film having less of a Star Trek feel to it the unusual pairings balanced this out nicely. Zachary Quinto's Spock was played with more emotion this time around which gave the character a new lease of life & look out for Anton Yelchin's final performance (you will be missed) The highlight however was by far Karl Urban who gave a brilliant performance & truly captured DeForest Kelley's character Dr McCoy aka Bones, perfectly. All in all an enjoyable outing with some great performances all round. Well worth a watch.


I have not watched the previous Star Trek movies, so I can't comment on it in relation to the previous movies/series. However, I really enjoyed it. If you're into sci-fi (or not) it's an enjoyable movie and I'd recommend it to anyone.


Star Trek: Beyond – a simple sci-fi film, or an allegory for the difficult times we live in?

The film opens on the ageing crew, three years into their five year mission of discovery and diplomacy. There are adorable space creatures, and some meta-nods to the “episodic” lives they live. Additional depth is given to many of the main characters, with a number of nods to the inclusive and liberal times in which they live – from Sulu’s family to the many inter-species romances on board. The question is, how long will their progressive society last in the face of those who wish to tear it apart?

The plot is relatively straightforward – much more so than the previous outing, “Into Darkness”. This is not a negative, as it can move along at pace, with plenty of time for entertaining dialogue. Simon Pegg has weaved his magic on the script, making this the funniest installment in the series.

There may be few twists and turns, but there’s also little room for boredom. New butt-kicking character Jaylah is utterly fantastic and effortlessly portrayed by relative newcomer Sophia Boutella, whilst the use of music and visuals in one memorable battle scene may be my favourite on-screen moment so far this year.

Where the plot fails to add complexity, it delivers in its message: reminding us that in the face of mindless violence and intolerance (and the threat of biological warfare) we must focus on what unites us to rise above those who would rupture the ties we have crafted. Star Trek: Beyond offers Saturday night light entertainment with a helping of insight, proving that even films set light years away can still hit close to home.


I've seen some of the original episodes from the 60s, but I have never watched a Star Trek film before and wasn't keen on going.  However, my husband said he wanted to go and it was on at a better time than the BFG, so I begrudgingly said I'd go.  I'd also read that Simon Pegg had written it, which made be a bit more inclined to want to see it.

It started off as you'd expect - the newer versions of the main characters finding themselves in some perilous situation and working together to find a way around it.  I'm not that into Sci Fi and I was thinking it was a bit samey samey.  However, as the story unfolded, I got more into it and found myself enjoying it - it felt a bit like a cross between Star Wars and Mad Max. I had heard that Idris Elba was in it, but didn't realise which character he was until towards the end!

This was a good film which is worth seeing, even if you are not a sci fi fan.


I've seen the other recent films in the series, never seen any of the older ones! But I do find these films worth a watch and I knew I had to watch it when irdis Elba was in the film! What you expect from a fantasy action film!!


Lets be clear at the start - I am a trekkie. I watched Star Trek the original as a little girl and grew up with The Next Generation, DS9 and Voyager were great loves though perhaps not as diligently watched and I have seen ALL the films. I love the philosophy, the characters, the space geekiness and the fun. 

So a Star Trek film would have to be awful for me to say anything bad -but Beyond is great. Its a bit slow to start and i found the pervading darkness in the first section a bit trying - I actually checked I wasn't wearing my sunglasses! But the film builds with energy, tech geekiness and true federation spirt - the effects are great, the homage to the original programmes and the tribute to Leonard Nimoy had me in tears. I particularly loved the last touch of all the characters voicing the traditional - mission - to boldly go message they have made the ending motif of the new films.

Its hard for me to look at it and think what it would be like for someone unfamilar with the traditions to watch it so I won't bother - if you like sci fi then give it a go. And lets not forget IDRIS ELBA is in it - playing a great twisted, evil baddie - superb!

Sorry I found it cheesy in comparison to the first 2 film's. From bad hair dues to ugly uniforms and weird warp trails and bubbles lol. I think they drifted to far away from the first two movies which I liked very much and still watch now. Much was lost without J J Abrams at the helm. I will however give it 3 stars for effort but 2.5 would better reflect my thoughts. 


Star Trek Beyond is a mixture of good and not so good.

Let's get the worst out of the way first - the film is too long for the very flimsy story, 20 minutes could be cut, all of it from the battle near the start of the movie, which was predictable and repetitive. There are huge holes in the plot which are explained away by ridiculous technical gobbledygook, although some of this is done in a knowing, tongue-in-cheek way which at least makes it funny.

Humour is one of the good points of the film, it doesn't take itself too seriously and it is the funniest of the franchise so far. The script is excellent, there are some really good lines and the resolution of the film is both clever and witty. The special effects and the acting are good. I really liked Sofia Boutella's character.

We are now on the third film into the reboot series and we already know all the main crew members. This film develops and handles the relationships between these characters very well, and we really do care about them by the end of this movie. It is genuinely sad to think that Anton Yeltsin won't be there if there is another in the franchise.

Even though this is not one of the best Star Trek films in terms of plot or storyline; it is one of the best for humour and character development, and I will certainly be coming back to see what happens to them in the next instalment.


Does it go beyond expectations..?

I was very lucky to be invited to attend a screening of Star Trek Beyond at Picturehouse Central on Thursday. Of the three films so far in this franchise this easily has to be my favourite. It has an incredibly well-balanced amount of fun and serious, action and comedy, light and darkness.It’s an entertaining adventure which fully engages  for the majority of the film’s  122 minutes running time. It may not push itself in terms of plot, or as seems to be the case with many of this 2016’s blockbuster releases go as far as it could/should, it’s more than successful at doing what it sets out to do. It wants to amuse and entertain, both of which it does. With spades.

The plot itself is fine, it’s not groundbreaking or brand new, but it does the job in allowing the characters to shine. Many elements are cliche-ridden and some of the MacGuffin’s are drowned in far too much pseudo-science. And yet this is not problematic as the characters still shine. Having gone into the film with zero expectations Star Trek Beyond did not disappoint at all and was a genuine pleasure to watch.  I was gripped for the first third - frightened for the well-being of characters I’d truly grown to care for - entertained for the second third, and gripped once more for the final third. I laughed a lot and held my breath for the dramatic sections. What more could you ask for from a Summer Blockbuster?


I'm a Star Wars fan but I have to say that this movie is REALLY good, in fact it's ROCK & ROLL!