Swinging With The Finkels

Film, Comedy
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From the opening shot of Martin Freeman wandering through Borough Market to the strains of some tedious sub-Richard Curtis soul-lite, we’re squarely in unambitious British romcom territory. But it’s still remarkable how lazy and lacklustre ‘Swinging with the Finkels’ manages to be. Freeman is Alvin Finkel, whose marriage to childhood sweetheart Sarah (Mandy Moore) has turned the corner from comfortable to boring. But can they add spark by shacking up with strangers? This reasonably promising concept occupies about 20 minutes of the movie: the rest is taken up with unfunny slapstick, racial and gay stereotypes, embarrassing attempts at bad taste (Moore masturbates with a cucumber! Freeman’s buddy goes to the sexual-health clinic!) and lots of sitting in posh cafés whining about relationships. It’s not awful enough to be interesting – there’s the odd half-decent joke and none of the leads disgrace themselves – but it will be quickly forgotten.


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Release date:
Friday June 17 2011
85 mins

Cast and crew

Jonathan Newman
Mandy Moore
Martin Freeman
Melissa George
Jerry Stiller
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Really unlikeable film that not even Martin Freeman can rescue Whilst I want some cinematic escapism, is that London portrayed here really Chavs and litter free? The characters weren't believable, and the comedy was corny, e.g. dentist plays golf badly..hilarious! Asian nerdy bloke I normally find Louie Spence quite amusing, but even his cameo was unfunny Too many lazy stereotypes from Jewish american elderly parents to camp gay fashion designers. We Brits don't do rom -om movies very well, and I'm struggling to think of a good one this century?