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An Army sergeant due for retirement, Zack Carey (Garner) is the proud owner of a World War II Sherman tank, which he has been patiently restoring; and which he uses to flatten a small-town Georgia jail when the redneck local sheriff (Spradlin), irritated by Zack's intervention in a matter involving police brutality, trumps up a drug charge against his teenage son (Howell). The tank then carries the pair, plus Harrison as the cheery tart who was being slapped around when Zack intervened, across the state line (with the aid of some good guy Hell's Angels) and into folk-hero status (in imitation of The Sugarland Express). Part vigilante movie, part sitcom, part tearjerker, part cracker melodrama, it's redeemed by yet another of Garner's graceful, effortless performances.

Release details

Duration: 113 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Marvin Chomsky
Screenwriter: Dan Gordon
Cast: James Garner
Shirley Jones
C Thomas Howell
Mark Herrier
Jenilee Harrison
GD Spradlin
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