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A hybrid horror, both thriller and slasher, not to mention chopper and shocker, this confirms what Suspiria and Inferno led one to suspect. When it comes to plotting, Argento is one hell of a basket weaver: with holes in his story big enough to sink credibility, he cheats and double-crosses like mad to conceal the killer's identity. Successful crime writer (Franciosa) arrives in Rome to promote his new book 'Tenebrae', an event which triggers off a trail of bloody murders in the manner described in his book. By the end, the entire cast save one has undergone savage cutting, something which would have benefited the film itself, which is unpleasant even by contemporary horror standards. It does confirm Argento's dedication to the technicalities of constructing images - Grand Guignol for L'Uomo Vogue, perhaps - but you'll still end up feeling you've left some vital digestive organs back in the seat.

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110 mins

Cast and crew

Dario Argento
Dario Argento, Geoge Kemp
Anthony Franciosa
John Saxon
Giuliano Gemma
Daria Nicolodi
Christian Borromeo
John Steiner

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In my view not only one of Dario Argentos best films but also the greatest Italian "Giallo" horror film ever made "Tenebrae" is a truly stylish and shocking horror film with some of the best moments of horror Argento has ever brought to film.

It maybe be at times a little trashy but with Argento at his very best who notices?