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The 100 best animated movies: how many have you seen?

Find out how many of our greatest animations you’ve watched

By Time Out contributors, edited by Dave Calhoun and Joshua Rothkopf

Are you an animation nut, or an animation novice? Now’s the time to find out: how many of our 100 best animated movies have you actually seen? Here, you can literally tick off how many you’ve already watched and we’ll calculate your total for you to share. For what it’s worth, the average score among Time Out staff was 32. (Of course, our film critics have seen all one hundred... twice.)

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The 100 best animated movies


We know you’ll find something to love in our authoritative ranking of the best animated movies ever made. The timeless Disney classics. The best Pixar films. Brilliantly sophisticated modern works from Japan’s cottage industry – anime – and especially from its Studio Ghibli. Films that make you weep, laugh, sing along and wish upon stars.

The 100 best comedy movies: how many have you seen?


‘What are the best comedy movies of all time?’ That’s the simple question we posed to almost one hundred comedians, writers, actors and movie experts. Thousands of suggestions later, we assembled the results into a list of the top 100 funny movies ever made.


The ten most annoying Disney songs


Some Disney songs – ‘Heigh Ho’ from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, ‘Trust in Me’ from ‘The Jungle Book’, anything by Randy Newman – are justifiably beloved. Others… well, let’s just say that if you ever need something to scare the crows off your roof, we’ve got the ammunition right here.


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