The Accidental Husband

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The Accidental Husband
Dispenser of stern advice on her NYC radio phone-in, broadcaster Uma Thurman’s about to wed her publisher fiancé (Colin Firth), only to discover the registry office database already has her married to some guy in Brooklyn. That’s fireman Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who’s fuming after the radio host talked his fiancée into calling off their nuptials and, with help from a techy whizzkid, has taken his revenge.

A tussle over the annulment sets in motion the familiar rom-com tropes of choosing between seemingly opposite suitors and initial antipathy sparking made-for-each-other passion. Uma works hard to convince us she’s funny, and though the effort’s obvious, we’re rooting for her – if only her choices made any sense.

Dean Morgan’s cheeky-chappy act is grating indeed, while his tight-lipped rival’s so utterly stolidly Firthian we could easily be watching his Madame Tussaud’s mannequin. Painless anodyne fare, though genuine laughs are few, apart from comfort-eating Firth’s illicit ‘naughty choccy’.

By: Trevor Johnston


Release details

Rated: 12
Release date: Friday February 29 2008
Duration: 91 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Griffin Dunne
Screenwriter: Mimi Hare, Clare Naylor
Cast: Uma Thurman
Colin Firth
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Sam Shepard
Isabella Rossellini

Average User Rating

3.3 / 5

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  • 4 star:2
  • 3 star:3
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charming-old school-I loved it....light, yes, but good solid romantic comedy

I thought is was a great movie to see at home. Very light and playful and I love Colin Firth!

advertising matrimony -indian way its not accidental that mr ,morgan happens to live in this romcom set in manhattan and queens above an indian takeaway called samosa palace ,amongst an indian family who behave even more like a bollywood massala family then in present day bw movies ,as we get to see miss thurman doing a somewhat funny pantomime to a few bollywood songs , but basically mr morgan gets to wear an indian silk salwar kameez for an indian bar mitzvah ,and here lies the culprit who in the form of an indian computer geek,arranges a computer wedding between a famous radio show love doctor and a NYC firefighter ,this is a ridiculous premise as uma wants to marry a real geek,a british nerd colin firth , who is getting to be the most irritating actor since last seen in last legion,with his accentuated english accent that is like sandpaper grating and his total inability to emulate hugh grant, why would uma want this man if he was the last man alive is a riddle , but so is this movies silly script with some good jokes and a really good chemistry between uma and morgan plus a squandered lost cameo by isabella rosselini as a german tourist who seems to be the truly accidental tourist in big apple , but all is not lost as uma has some good lines and is better then in the last movie, she made in NYC ,SUPERTRASH SUPERGIRLFRIEND,this is definitely an improvement on that ,but she needs to change her agent nevertheless as she will end up playing secondary roles like colin [st.trinians and this ], soon if she continues like this , i will give this 2.5 stars and it is watchable once for uma and morgan ,and some jokes which remind me of grant-hepburn goldies set in new york,but other then that see it at your own peril , but maybe its girl friendly and i am a guy ,so am not sure but it seems to want to please the indians ,firefifgters and the patisserie shop keepers , plus try to engage the modern audience which is rather a difficult task to accomplish ,but there are some eye pleasing views of new york,definitely better then DEFINITELY ,MAYBE ,BUT THAT IS NO compliment ,is it - jbz7879

i think this was a really good film have recommened friends to watch it. it's one for the dvd collection!! go see it......

i think this was a really good film have recommened friends to watch it. it's one for the dvd collection!! go see it......

Heard this was rubbish and didn't want to see it, but my daughter did. Glad I did - everyone seems to hate it, but I actually enjoyed it. Might have just been feeling hormonal that day, but thought it was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. Don't expect the unexpected - it's a typical rom-com. That's it!

I found this to be light hearted entertainment. This is not a 'must see' film but kept me interested.

Went to watch movie with a girlfriend of mine. We both thought the film was unbelievably lousy. Uma Thurman should remain in Quitin Tarantino films and she should stay away from Romantic films. Another poor attempt for her in this film. And as for Jeffrey Dean Morgan...does this guys accent suck or what? In P.S. I love you, his Irish accent was beyond dreadful. In this movie he attempts an American accent which is just about bearable.

I watched it today. I thought it wasnt that good really... i only understood the beginning just before it started so... Cyah x

what a load of trash!!! the story line was predictable and totally unbelieveable, there was no life in the whole film, the acting was poor, never felt like they were actually in love, worst movie i've seen for a long time.

Good, original storyline and some good laughs. But too predictable and the end drags on.

I thought the film was great lots of laughs but a proper chick flick one i would go and watch with the girlies rather than a fella!!!

I thought the film was great lots of laughs but a proper chick flick one i would go and watch with the girlies rather than a fella!!!

I thought this movie was good but thats all just average not amazing not rubbish