The Aviator's Wife

The first in Rohmer's series Comédies et Proverbes, this gentle comedy laced with pain is a delight from start to finish. Erroneously assuming that his more experienced girlfriend is being unfaithful, a young student decides to investigate the identity of the man he sees leaving her room early one morning. Following the man through Paris, he meets up with a pert schoolgirl, obviously attracted but bemused by his actions, who offers to help in his ludicrous detection. The whole thing would remain at the level of whimsical farce, were it not for Rohmer's emphasis on the very real pain, confusion and wasted attempts at happiness underlying the complicated intrigues of the characters. As always, Rohmer makes clear the enormous gulf between feelings and words, intention and effect. The result is a hilarious, wonderfully bitter-sweet acknowlegment of the chasms between people trying desperately to understand and be understood.

By: GA

Release details

Duration: 106 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Eric Rohmer
Screenwriter: Eric Rohmer
Cast: Philippe Marlaud
Marie Rivière
Anne-Laure Meury
Mathieu Carrière
Fabrice Luchini
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