The Awakening

Film, Horror
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The opening section of this glossy, boringly shot mummy drama, loosely based on Bram Stoker's novel The Jewel of Seven Stars, is packed with cheapo Freudian parallels between an archaeologist's obsession with the tomb of an Egyptian princess, and his jealous wife's pregnancy (much intercutting between the ancient doors being thrust open and the graphic hospital birth). Though crude, this tack might have proved interesting, but the rest is part ineffective horror, part coyly underplayed element of incest as the archaeologist's daughter (aged 18) becomes the reincarnated princess and evil forces are unleashed on the world.

By: JWi

Release details

Duration: 105 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Mike Newell
Screenwriter: Allan Scott, Chris Bryant, Clive Exton
Cast: Charlton Heston
Susannah York
Jill Townsend
Stephanie Zimbalist
Patrick Drury
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