The Back of the World

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Intriguing, slightly slick, but finally affecting triptych documenting suffering and injustice around the globe. 'The Child' concerns a young Peruvian kid who toils daily in a stone quarry to help his impoverished Indian family; 'The Word' is about a Kurd exiled in Stockholm, far from his wife, for the last quarter of a century; and 'Life' deals with prisoners on Death Row in Texas, and ends with Bush on TV. For all its visual polish, the film has an air of truth, even if it doesn't really tell us much we didn't already know.

By: GA

Release details

Duration: 89 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Javier Corcuera
Screenwriter: Elias Querejeta, Javier Corcuera, Fernando Léon de Aranoa
Cast: Mehdi Zana
Thomas Miller-El
Guinder Rodríguez
Tomás Rangel