The Believers

Film, Thrillers
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There's a shocking start: due to a dodgy coffee machine, Cal Jamison's wife ends up frying over spilt milk. To get over their loss, Cal (Sheen), a trick cyclist for cops, and his 7-year-old son move to New York, where they become involved with the age-old religion Santeria, which worships African spirits in the shape of Christian saints. As one little boy after another dies a grisly death - sacrificed, it turns out, in return for perpetual parental gratification - the ever more ridiculous plot encompasses auto-suggestion, voodoo, and not-so-special effects. It's not at all scary, but there's one good bit where this bubo on a woman's cheek bursts open and all these itsy-bitsy spiders scurry out. The real mystery is what Schlesinger and Sheen are doing making this schlock.

By: MS

Release details

Duration: 114 mins

Cast and crew

Director: John Schlesinger
Screenwriter: Mark Frost
Cast: Martin Sheen
Helen Shaver
Harley Cross
Robert Loggia
Elizabeth Wilson
Harris Yulin
Lee Richardson
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