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The best new movie releases in August

Meryl’s rocking out in leather trousers and Guy Ritchie reboots a Cold War classic


1. Blinded By The Light

Film Comedy

What Gurinder Chada’s ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ did for football, her latest film does for Springsteen. Okay, and double denim. A struggling British-Pakistani teenager (Viveik Kalra) finds salvation in the songs of Springsteen in ‘80s Luton, finding the courage to face down racism and find his voice along the way. It’s full of energy and effervescence and more than a few bangers by The Boss.

Out Aug 9

2. Notorious

Film Thrillers

Not the Biggie Smalls one, the Hitchcock thriller: equal levels of murderous intriguing, quite a lot less rap. It’s back on the big screen to remind us why it’s rated close to the top of the Hitch pantheon, with a top-notch cast (Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains), a radioactive McGuffin and oodles of suspense.

Out Aug 9

Em Trânsito (2018)
©Look now!

3. Transit


Featuring absolutely no white vans with copies of The Sun in the window, this classy-looking Euro-thriller updates a 1942 novel by Anna Seghers to a seemingly modern-day France. The wrinkle – that the story, of a German refugee (Franz Rogowski) on the run from fascists, is exactly the same. The result promises to be an oddly sci-fi-feeling mix of old and contemporary. Paul Beer – so good in François Ozon’s ‘Frantz’ takes the femme fatale role.

Out Aug 16

Allen Fraser

4. J.T. LeRoy

Film Drama

This dramatised version of the famous literary hoax (there’s already been a doc: ‘Author: The JT LeRoy Story’) sees Kristen Stewart taking on another boundary-pushing, expectation-defying role as Savannah Knoop – AKA the literary persona JT LeRoy. LeRoy, a survivor of sexual and drug abuse, was actually the creation of Knoop’s sister-in-law Laura Albert (Laura Dern). Cue enough wool being pulled over eyes during six, incident-packed years to launch an entire knitwear range.

Out Aug 16

Jack English

5. Angel Has Fallen

Film Action and adventure

For a man who just wants a quiet life, Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) does spend an awful lot of his day-to-day killing vast numbers of people. In ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ it was North Korean terrorists, in ‘London Has Fallen’ it was Islamic terrorists. What flavour of terrorists will he be dispensing justice to this time? Dead ones, we’re guessing.

Out Aug 21


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