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  1. The Banshee Chapter

    A heady, terrifying mix of 1960s counterculture paranoia, mind-warping hallucinogens, Hunter S Thompson-style gonzo mania and Lovecraftian weirdness.

  2. Big Bad Wolves

    The Israeli creators of ‘Rabies’, describe their follow-up as: ‘[A] Dirty Harry movie meets Korean revenge thriller written by the Brothers Grimm.’ Who can resist that?

  3. 100 Bloody Acres

    A woman, her fiancé-to-be and his best mate fall foul of two fertiliser-making brothers in need of a special ingredient. A gory, witty, surprising Australian horror-comedy.

  4. We Are What We Are

    Stake Land’ director Jim Mickle’s radical, female-centric re-fashioning of Mexican filmmaker Jorge Michel Grau’s film about a family of ritualistic cannibals.

  5. Wake in Fright (aka Outback)

    A teacher trapped in a mining town descends into an alcoholic hell. Ted Kotcheff’s nightmarish 1971 film of Kenneth Cook’s novel guts the myth of Australian male friendship.

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The best of FrightFest 2013

Five FrightFest flicks that are guaranteed to make you squeal like a newborn


FrightFest is at the Empire Cinema Leicester Square, Aug 22-26. See for more.

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The horror film festival FrightFest returns to Leicester Square with a record 51 films and a familiar diet of cannibals, zombies, killer dolls, demons, ghosts and Frankensteinian monsters. Here, we tease out the five scary trends which haunt the 2013 programme like stubborn poltergeists.

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