The Big Brass Ring

Film, Thrillers
Noteworthy for being based on a flawed but fascinating script by Orson Welles, this conspiracy thriller from the documentarist who gave us Hearts of Darkness is a bit of a mess. Hurt's the political candidate being funded by wife Richardson, investigated by crusading journo Jacob (greatly changed from her Kieslowski days), and generally hassled by Hawthorne, a figure from his past. The story's a little predictable, anyway, but the somewhat unenthusiastic performances and the pedestrian direction don't help. A curiosity for Welles nuts, but not a patch on even the least of the Master's films.

By: GA

Release details

Duration: 104 mins

Cast and crew

Director: George Hickenlooper
Screenwriter: FX Feeney, George Hickenlooper, Oja Kodar, Orson Welles
Cast: William Hurt
Nigel Hawthorne
Irène Jacob
Miranda Richardson
Ewan Stewart
Gregg Henry
Ron Livingston
Jefferson Mays
Jim Metzler
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