The Bigamist

One of Lupino's sympathetic little problem pictures. Its weakness, perhaps, is that in trying to avoid the obvious of making a whipping-boy of the bigamous husband, it creates characters who are a shade too good to be true. But the three lead performances are terrific, movingly illuminating the impasse whereby O'Brien's travelling salesman finds himself in love with two women - Fontaine as the outgoing career-woman who can't have children, Lupino as the quiet home-lover who has borne him a child - each of whom brings him something the other can't. The complex issues are sketched in with both tact and compassion.

By: TM

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80 mins

Cast and crew

Ida Lupino
Collier Young
Edmond O'Brien
Ida Lupino
Joan Fontaine
Edmund Gwenn
Jane Darwell
Kenneth Tobey
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