The Blind Side

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It’s a true story: rich southern white folks take in a black teenager, then help him towards college football and a big-time NFL contract. In the right hands, this could be about simple kindness overcoming mutual suspicion and bridging social divides – a story questioning an America where it takes such charity to effect genuine social mobility. This is certainly not that movie. Instead it resembles one of those formatted TV ‘reality’ shows where the top-billed female personality uses her bossy ‘common sense’ to tame recalcitrant kiddies/ animals so their parents/owners can be proud of them.

Quite how Sandra Bullock deserved an Oscar for her one-note turn as bleached supermum Leigh-Anne is a mystery, since it transforms a potentially worthwhile character study into a grandstanding star vehicle. Her comic timing is just-so and she invests the homespun one-liners with a veneer of sincerity, but there’s no way this is a real person. It’s Sandra Bullock doing her thing.

On the other hand, Michael (Quinton Aaron), the troubled outcast to whom she gives a stable home –the rest of her family know better than to argue with Leigh-Anne – is hard to read, beyond ‘gentle giant’ cultural clichés. Meanwhile, director John Hancock shows us enough of the lad’s scary, hope-free ghetto background to tell us we don’t want to go there. He lends the proceedings a patina of class and a certain entertainment value, yet the whole approach (in marked contrast to, say, ‘Precious’) is about putting white middle-class compassion proudly centre-stage. A half-truth, a half-story, surely?


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Friday March 26 2010
128 mins

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John Lee Hancock
Sandra Bullock
Quinton Aaron
Tim McGraw

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"...a story questioning an America where it takes such charity to effect genuine social mobility." If that is what you honestly think it takes to have "genuine social mobility" in America, then you know very little about the United States.

I think this film was a pleasant film to watch. Sandra Bullock was impressive and very watchable on screen. It is true that films that portray real-life events are more like ly to lead to an oscar for the star in question, but I do believe that Sandra Bullocks performance justified her award. The film was fairly emotional and I think if most blokes went to see a film which they expected to be primarily about american football, they would be disappointed. This film is in the same vein as Good Will Hunting, Finding Forrester etc and if you liked films like that you will probably like this.

Yes, agree with the other reviews, good family viewing about modern motherhood and applepie, and of course there is a fleeting glance at the cover of a Norman Rockwell book of illustrations in the film. Had to laugh when a character admitted to being the token democrat. Solid entertainment, but you can leave brain at door for the duration.

I couldn't disagree more with Time Out here and am finding that the recent film reviews are not as spot on as in previous years. Sandra Bullock was just brilliant in this film, totally and utterly believable as a completely different person. The film was heartfelt, enjoyable and definately worth a watch.

it was cheesy and rather superficial too but definitely entertaining and feel good and it was non -pretentious in being what it was -i almost believed in its sham sincerity and the little boy sj -is a true delight -better than all the other crap in cinemas and definitely fun to see though i think sandra was better in proposition as the rather selfish shrew than her saintly sane pragmatic do -gooder here but she is always watchable in even trash like 'srteve ' and this is much better than that clumsy romcom .

Yep, I agree PeterJ. This is a very “family� movie, with some good values (particularly “help those less fortunate than yourself�) for impressionable kids to learn from. Like you say, it’s a shame there aren’t more Leigh-Anne’s in the world. . I can see there being a scrum between Sky, ITV, and BBC for who gets to show this at Christmas time – it’s not exactly “The Sound of Music�, but has the same kind of family appeal. . Saw this for a second time - I'm going to upgrade it from the 2 stars I originally gave it to 3 stars. The cinema was packed - again - this is a very popular movie.

I loved this movie it made me feel good at the end I think sandra did push it a bit but I think if more of us stepped up then this world would be a better place

As no one’s yet said it, I guess a good way of drumming up interest in a movie’s to wait until it’s leading lady’s won an Oscar - then release it. Yes, call me cynical. The cinema was packed. So, was the leading lady worthy of the Oscar? Hmmmm … that’s a tough one. Being a true-ish story, you can’t knock it for not being original. Unfortunately, the scripting’s a little schmaltzy in places, and occasionally I felt my toes curling at some of the lines. That said, at other times Sandra Bulloch puts in a truly great performance – and I’ve got to say I’m not her biggest fan – so that’s a real compliment – SB: Please note – esp after all I said about “The Lake House�. You could take your nan to this one – there’s nothing in that would offend her. It’s a great family film. There’s no doubt, as a feel-good-factor movie this scores 100%. Possibly it was a little longer than it needed to be, but other than that I enjoyed it. I’m with Time Out on this – 2 stars.

I enjoyed the Blind Side despite knowing little about the sport. Sandra Bullock towers over the other actors although ahe's almost outdone by her on screen son. Not too sugary and it's a true tale.