The Boys in Blue

Film, Comedy
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This is matriarch humour, strayed from the bosom of clubland; only a Lancashire mother can truly appreciate the feature-length witless babble of Cannon and Ball dressed as bobbies. Cannon has the brain cell, Ball has the catchphrase ('Rock on, Tommy'); they both talk about pulling birds and going to the pictures, repeating each other's lines endlessly, thereby requiring only half a script. Which is all they get; it's about country coppers whose station is under threat until Big Crime turns up on their doorstep. To complete the picture of the typical British film comedy cashing in on TV success, just look at the cast list, halve the budget you first thought of, and add a gratuitous advert for British Leyland.

By: RP

Release details

Duration: 91 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Val Guest
Screenwriter: Val Guest
Cast: Jack Douglas
Eric Sykes
Roy Kinnear
Edward Judd
Bobby Ball
Tommy Cannon
Arthur English
Suzanne Danielle