The Brotherhood

Film, Thrillers
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Douglas, dressed up in droopy moustache and dyed hair, plays a board member of the New York Syndicate who has nostalgic memories of how much better things were done in the old Mafia days. Not surprisingly, he falls foul of the syndicate, flees into retirement in Sicily, and confronts the man sent to kill him - none other than the younger brother (Cord) he raised with selfless devotion. Ritt can do very little with the breast-beating which attends this tale of brotherly love and self-sacrifice. It therefore wends its way, slowly and stolidly, to the bitter end, pausing to allow Luther Adler to brighten things up briefly as a plump, greasy and rather engaging stool pigeon turned respectable.

By: TM

Release details

Duration: 98 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Martin Ritt
Screenwriter: Lewis John Carlino
Cast: Kirk Douglas
Alex Cord
Irene Papas
Luther Adler
Susan Strasberg
Murray Hamilton
Eduardo Ciannelli
Joe De Santis
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