The Cassandra Crossing

Film, Thrillers
Dire thriller about the dangers of bacteriological research, with an international rag-bag of stars mouthing dialogue of supreme banality as an intercontinental express is summarily rerouted to a former concentration camp after passengers are exposed to a deadly pneumonic plague virus as a result of an abortive terrorist raid on the International Health Organisation in Geneva. Naturally a bridge en route is crumbling, and just to add a turn of the screw to the histrionics, one of the passengers happens to be an ex-inmate of the concentration camp. Unbelievable tosh.

By: TM

Release details

Duration: 129 mins

Cast and crew

Director: George Pan Cosmatos
Screenwriter: Tom Mankiewicz, Robert Katz, George Pan Cosmatos
Cast: Sophia Loren
Richard Harris
Ava Gardner
Burt Lancaster
Martin Sheen
Ingrid Thulin
Lee Strasberg
John Phillip Law
Lionel Stander
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