The Final Conflict

Film, Horror
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The third part of The Omen trilogy is contrived as a series of set pieces whose point is the grisliest possible end for the Antichrist's victims. Damien is now head of the world's largest multi-national corporation, a powerful and charismatic man in his early thirties, and the eventual corpses are a band of seven Italian monks armed with sacred daggers, out to stop Damien from preventing the Second Coming (by slaughtering all first-born males). If these elements make it a suitable entrant in the cinema's long blood sports lists, it must be said that the non-delivery of Satan's promised reign is something of a let-down. Still, it does mark a return of sorts to the stylishness of The Omen after the tackiness of Damien - Omen II.

By: RM

Release details

Duration: 108 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Graham Baker
Screenwriter: Andrew Birkin
Cast: Sam Neill
Rossano Brazzi
Don Gordon
Lisa Harrow
Barnaby Holm
Mason Adams
Robert Arden

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5 / 5

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The 1981 Movie Omen 3 'The Final Conflict'. I think that if you consider the date that it was made?it's genre? And the fact that it had the rather daunting task of successfully ending a trilogy of Omen Movies in an entertaining,enjoyable and creative way that was able to relate contextually with the truly excellant 1st tale in the trilogy of Movies? Omen (1976) a tale of The Anti Christ a character called Damien. Played by the then child actor Harvey Stephens to a scarily beleivable degree of latent evil. Thanks mainly to an oddly adult like screen presence and outstanding acting ability along with an A list leading and supporting cast. Whilst somehow managing to totally ignore it's dismally disapointing,drearily directed and altogether amazingly awful predecessor Omen 2 'Damien' {1978} A film so out of context to the theme so frighteningly begun by Omen? That Surely it was the most likely candidate to win 1st place in the category of Motion Pictures that should never have been made !!) Omen 3 was also charged with the task of breathing life back into the nearly stalled three part film tale of Omen. The 3rd film 'The Final Conflict', starring Sam Neill as an adult Damien. Supported by a powerful and reputable cast? Not only fulfilled all the tasks that the failiure of 'Damien' had set it? But it far surpassed all critiques and public expectations by restoring the 'cudos' to the Omen trilogy with a vengance. This was I feel? Because of the incredible strength of 'Neills' screen presence, natural talent as an entirely believable character actor. And also his sheer raw talent as an actor. In Omen 3 which I believe was only the 2nd or 3rd Big screen appearance by Sam Neill? He not only dominated his mainly already established co stars he enslaved them with his sheer strength of character. He was inherently evil He was the anti christ and he gave the film the depth and aura of realistic evil that helped it to attain the level of success that it eventually acheived!! It was also the film that brought the recognition of Sam Neill's brilliant ability as an Actor to the main stream film industry. This motion Picture was the spring board that truly launched Sam Neill's wholly enjoyable and extremely successful film career.. In summary not only was Omen 3 'The Final Conflict' a truly brilliant film that made up for and occluded 'Damien' it was in every way as good as the original Omen movie just in its own and unique way..