The Firm

Film, Thrillers
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Pollack's conventional race-against-time version of John Grisham's best-seller soft pedals on the novel's conspiracy-paranoia atmosphere, makes goons of the Mob, and shows signs of having been rewritten. But it does have Cruise as the go-for-it law graduate, whose now rather faded physical charm takes nothing from his dumb-but-earnest ingénu appeal. The plot has Cruise scorn the advances of the big Eastern law firms for a small 'family'-oriented outfit in Memphis, only to find rottenness at the heart and hearth of the New South. Adorning the film, in supporting roles, are its saving graces: Hackman's moving and dissolute consigliere/father-figure; madcap investigator Busey and floozy helpmeet Hunter; and Bell's eerily engaging white-haired psychopath.

By: WH

Release details

Duration: 154 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Sydney Pollack
Screenwriter: David Rabe Robert Towne, Dvid Rayfiel
Cast: Cruise
Gene Hackman
Gary Busey
Holly Hunter
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Hal Holbrook
Ed Harris
Toibin Bell
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