The Fourth Protocol

Film, Action and adventure
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This adaptation of Frederick Forsyth's espionage thriller is neither fish nor fowl. Brosnan, who plays the ice-cool and ruthless Soviet undercover agent sent to an East Anglian American airbase to execute a 'devastating' plan to destabilise Anglo-American nuclear cooperation, poses and pouts so much that there are hopes of the film developing into a Bond-like spoof. No such luck. Still, Caine - a kind of middle-aged Harry Palmer - is at his shambling best as the no-nonsense spy-catcher overcoming the deviousness or incompetence of his Intelligence bosses; and MacKenzie gives this home-grown blockbuster the requisite glossy, if predictable finish. What is missing is any real tension or psychological detail that might lend plausibility to all the hocus-pocus about East-West political and military intrigue.

By: WH

Release details

Duration: 119 mins

Cast and crew

Director: John MacKenzie
Screenwriter: Frederick Forsyth, George Axelrod
Cast: Michael Caine
Pierce Brosnan
Ned Beatty
Joanna Cassidy
Julian Glover
Michael Gough
Ray McAnally
Ian Richardson
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