The Grand Seduction

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The Grand Seduction

During its opening minutes, the Celtic strains on the soundtrack, the rugged coastal landscapes and, most of all, the presence of a lazily-accented Brendan Gleeson in the lead role could trick you into thinking that Canada’s ‘The Grand Seduction’ is an Irish movie. But this wonky comedy is set in remote Newfoundland.

It spins a painfully contrived yarn about a desperate one-time fishing community trying to persuade a city doctor (Taylor Kitsch) to relocate in order to make itself more attractive to a corporation considering gifting them a factory complete with ample jobs. The filmmakers hope for a fable-like charm rather than gritty credibility, but the whole thing feels as cynical as the villagers’ convoluted mission. Worst of all, it looks like barely anyone believes they’re making even a half-decent film.

By: Dave Calhoun


Release details

Release date: Friday August 29 2014
Duration: 0 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Don McKellar
Screenwriter: Michael Dowse, Ken Scott
Cast: Brendan Gleeson
Taylor Kitsch
Liane Balaban
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