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Film, Horror
Deep in the lush canyons of upmarket LA, the tranquillity of an all-American family (Brown, Lowell and infant son) is threatened by the arrival of Camilla (Seagrove). Posing as a nanny sent by the Guardian Angel agency, she turns out to be a bloodthirsty, baby-sacrificing tree-worshipper. Based on Dan Greenburg's novel The Nanny, Friedkin's first foray into horror since The Exorcist contains many of the trademarks which characterised that epochal work: prying cameras track constantly through the shadowy corridors, sneaking up on occupants, while blinded scientists (police and doctors) impotently explain away supernatural disturbances. This time, though, Friedkin opts for up-front hokum, interspersed with impressively ridiculous special effects, including man-eating trees, flying nannies and coniferous chainsaw carnage. A severely flawed but not unamusing venture from a director who should know better.

By: MK

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93 mins

Cast and crew

William Friedkin
Stephen Volk, Dan Greenburg, William Friedkin
Jenny Seagrove
Dwier Brown
Carey Lowell
Brad Hall
Miguel Ferrer
Natalia Nogulich
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