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The Hangover
Mainstream comedy has always been a staunchly phallocentric affair, but recent months have seen a shift away from the loveable-doofus antics of the Frat pack into altogether more worrying territory. Spearheaded by the UK’s own ‘Lesbian Vampire Killers’, 2009’s comic slate displays a disturbing attitude towards the fairer sex: sure, they’re nice to look at, but they’re also superfluous, and potentially even life-threatening.

Todd Phillips’s previous big success, ‘Old School’, fell squarely in the frat camp, marrying ’80s-style debauchery with a broad streak of appealingly daft slapstick. ‘The Hangover’ retains the former but ditches the latter in favour of a series of loud, aggressive, increasingly unlikely set-piece gags. An intriguing, time-hopping set-up – a group of friends wake after a Vegas stag party and attempt to piece together the previous night’s activities – is wasted on obnoxious characters, celebrity cameos and crass attempts at humour.

It doesn’t help that the central cast is almost entirely forgettable, from the smug lounge lizardry of Bradley Cooper to the boisterous Jack Black-lite of Zach Galifianakis. A genuine star – Vaughn, Rudd, either Wilson brother – would have made these characters likeable, rather than simply pitiful and tiring. Ironically, the only memorable performance in the film – aside from a lumbering, if entirely appropriate, cameo from Mike Tyson – is given by Heather Graham as a hapless hooker. Her geisha-like docility, contrasted with a vicious, hectoring performance from Rachael Harris as a castrating girlfriend, sums up the film’s prehistoric attitude: women may be cute, but dudes don’t need the hassle.

By: Tom Huddleston


Release details

Rated: 15
Release date: Friday June 12 2009
Duration: 100 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Todd Phillips
Screenwriter: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Cast: Bradley Cooper
Ed Helms
Zach Galifianakis
Heather Graham
Justin Bartha
Sasha Barrese
Jeffrey Tambor
Ken Jeong
Rachael Harris
Mike Tyson
Mike Epps

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4.3 / 5

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  • 5 star:108
  • 4 star:14
  • 3 star:5
  • 2 star:4
  • 1 star:15
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Particularly appeals to all blokes who've had or are planning a stag do; entertaining set of legendary moments which thankfully surpass the vast majority of real stag dos. The day a tiger is in your bathroom you know you've overdone it.

Tom, with a due respect, you're a ritard. yes, a ritard, like rainman. you guys are probably twins. this movie was hilarious. by far the funniest thing i've seen in a long time

Meet the parents good but not as good as The Hangover, Zoolander is dirt! Next you'll be telling me Anchor Man is good!

Chris the TWAT its not just me! This film is huge World Wide, maybe its u that stays in too much, u crazy mad party animal!

Chris the TWAT didnt like this funny film and wants to buy food instead? Enough said! I bet he's the life and soul of the party!

This is one of the funniest films i and everyone i know has seen in a while. This was so good I didn't want it to end....Which is how i stumbled upon this review. I was looking for a bad review of this film and I couldn't find one. Well until i came across this timeout review. All i can say to anyone reading for an acurate view of this movies is don't read any reviews and just rent it. I went to the premiere and avoided trailers and reviews (as to not spoil it) i didn't know what it was about and I cried with laughter throughout the whole movie, stopping only to see or hear the next joke. This film did so well with audiences that they prepared to film Hangover 2 by the time it was released in britain. It's good and the bad reviewers either have no sense of humour or are comically dull. Dont listen to the drips and go watch it!

this movie was absolutely hilarious, it has to be one of the top 5 funniest movies ever. The cast is what made this movie so funny, I'm glad they didn't grab big name unfunny actors. whoever picked up the casting is a genius

Ok first of all knocked up was a boring piece of crap , nothing funny about seeing pregnant people do it or watching child birth, some sense of humour some people have this is the best comedy ever made watch it REAL comedy fans

It's hilarious, simply hilarious. The bit with the kid and eventually taser, the end credit photos....

This film was seriously funny it used some great out of the box thinking and was different to some of your average blundering comedies. The characters were varied and funny you could really relate to the film and appreciate what was done. A neat clever comedy that had the audience in fits of laughter I'd gladly pay to see this film again, and I am definately buying it asap. Amazingly funny. :)

Do you want to laugh your socks off go see this movie, forget tedious Bruno. Four guys take a stag trip to Vegas and wake up the next day with a tiger in the bathroom and a baby in the closet. Only they can't remember a thing and they've lost the groom to be ... a tip don't eat anything during the movie - I did and choked laughing and swallowing at the same time.

I think the reviewer and the previous poster need a sense-of-humour transplant. This film was awesome and absolutely hilarious. The fact that the WHOLE AUDIENCE was in stitches proves my point. This is the best film out at the minute by a country mile!

This was the most funnist film going, i Didnt think i would make it all the way through the film i was laughing from start to end:) Had all of the audiance in fits, bext film i would pay the money to watch it again;) THE BEST FILM GOING!!!!

i thought this film was very good people that didnt find this film funny need to grow up and get a sence off humor

This film was AWESOME. Personally I don't see how anyone could have disliked the film but I guess it's all down to each individuals taste. But still, this film is amazing.

For all of you people that didn't like this movie....what did you expect when you went? Seriously idiotic comments from people that had to envision exactly what the movie provided....and a special comment for all of you women with such a shallow sense of humor that you feel the movie set you back a hunderd years....wahhhh!! Grow up, loosen up, and try having sex with the lights on....I respect women, not so much the stupid ones.........

Leaving the cinema at the end of this extremely funny film which had the whole audience in hysterics throughout, the comments on everyone's lips, boys' and girls' alike, were things like "awesome" and "excellent". I can't remember a film which has had me laughing more. Most of the laughs come from the utter absurdity of three quarters of what happens in the film, some of which is quite outrageous and some of which is perfectly respectable. If I had to find fault with this film, one of the crucial twists is very, very predictable (not the exact twist but the general idea - here's a non-spoiler clue, it's all in black and white), and the singer near the end is only 75% on target. OK, OK, some of the humour lacks what stuffy pretentious critics might think of as sophistication and refinement. But anyone who would give this film less than four stars really needs to pull that rod out of their rear end and get a sense of humour, IMHO, YMMV. It's no help to the public to be told that this film is rubbish and only worth two stars when in fact it's going to have them in fits of laughter. I don't think this film should be classed as offensive to women or ethnic minorities (even the Chinese - OMG, the Chinese guy is just amazing! There should have been more of him!). As with any film, you're really laughing at the guys' antics. Yes, the bitchy girlfriend is a terrible, terrible bitch, but that's just one female character, and she's balanced by other far more sympathetic female characters, and more than one truly pathetic male loser. It's not really sex-based humour like American Pie either - it's more absurdity-based humour like Borat, although sex-humour does get a look-in. I gave this film five stars. Had to think about that. Was it a four, or a five? In the end I'm giving it five stars because I can't recall ever seeing a film where I laughed more. I've seen films which had me laughing harder (Borat, American Pie), but not right throughout the film.

I think that the fact that the cast was made up of relatively unknown actors really added to "normal guys" persona of the movie. I usually don't think this type of movie is all that great (type= Old School, Zach & Miri, 49 year old virgin, etc), but I loved this. Best comedy in years.

although a baby "masterbating" isnt quite every1s cup of tea, i found this film too b lol hilarious, u can leave your brain at the door and just marvel at these guys trying too recollect what they had got up to the night before and where the groom was. the scene with the kids tazering them was so funny, my bf and i were still laughing about it about an hour after we watched it, deffo 1 too watch

This movie blew the roof off the theatre where I saw it. Ok, this is not exactly a sophisticated comedy but it is simply slapstick. Old School was ok, this movie is great.

CARTWHEELJON & jeremy need to grow a sense of humor. This film was LOL hilarious.

This is the best film ive seen in agers the guy with the beard was hillarious, ive not laughed through a film like this 4 a long time, Definatly worthj goin 2 see!If u dont enjoy this film u have no sense of humour!x

This guy is an idiot, and probably never goes out to have a good time. I thought this movie was hilarious because of how it relates (maybe not to the same extreme) to the drunken adventures I've been in with my friends. If you do not laugh your a$$ off at the end of the movie during the pictures part (referring to one picture in particular and you will know when you see it) then you have no sense of humor, and have probably never had a good time in an elevator. Also Zach Galifianakis is a comedic genius.

Just because it doesnt have big actors doesnt make it a bad movie. I went and saw it with my girlfriend and everyone in the theater was cracking up through the whole movie. First movie in a while that i saw that when we left the theater everyone was still laughing.

great movie, literally a laugh a minute, take no notice of the wingers who did'nt like it, they must be brain dead

this film is well worth watching i laugh all the way through best film ive seen in a long time

My girlfriend and me did not stop laughing throughout the whole film, and neither did the rest of the audience. It was the first time i saw everyone continue to laugh after they had left the cinema. Best comedy i have seen in very long time. The reviewer is clearly drawn only by high profile actors and doesn't have a real sense of humour!! Watch this!!

wow i cant believe you thought this cast was forgetablehole movie unforgetable and im glad they could pull it off with secondary characters from other d=great comedies. they pulled off a truely great work, maybe not as funny as say wedding crashers or step brothers. but still it was really funny.(the Dan Band was a great addition at the end)

all of you people who said these movie sucked are freakin fags...especially the person who wrote this article...i give 100 out of 100...and so did the entire group of friends i was with...anyone who doesnt like this movie needs to go get a sense of humor...hands down greatest movie ever..ive seen it 2 times and i still cant stop laughing about it

This film was hilarious if you liked superbad you will love this great characters and some fantastic 1 liners people who dont find this film funny clearly need their heads testing 10 out of 10 from me and from everybody i went with and there was 7 of us.

this movie was absoolutely amazing leiik. you know wot i mean. you see som movies and yer likee aww tht was ok, but tht was well out the window with this one i must say. it is one of the best movies tht i have ever saw. i loved every single scene :P !!! loveed it (:

I think the person who wrote this review needs to get a life! This film was hillarous! Its a comedy, its not real life. Catch a grip and stop reading to much into what is supposed to be a bit of fun! And yeah i'm a woman!

Ignore the negative reviews. This movie was extremely entertaining. I'm still laughing hours later just thinking about it. Must see.

very annoyed by the Time Out review - usually agree with most their point of you but on this one he's planty wrong. This film is hilarious and probably the funniest film I've ever seen. Might not be the finest but every single person in the room were laughing non-stop. We're reviewing a comedy here which is meant to be funny which it is. Also disagree on the cast as I think they are all brilliant (except Mike T who's not necessary), an A-list actor would have blown it away. Well done Todd Phillips and thanks for this amazing comedy!

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