The High Bright Sun

A misguided Ralph Thomas/Betty Box production for the Rank Organisation which tries to create a romantic drama out of the British military presence in Cyprus in the late '50s. Bogarde's the British intelligence man whose efforts to stem Eoka guerilla activity are compromised when he falls for American-Cypriot gal Strasberg, an archeology student lodging at a villa where the chief guerilla (Aslan) is in hiding. Sadly the script by Ian Stuart Black (from his own novel) doesn't make it through the political minefield created by a very messy independence conflict. Chakiris lays it on as a fanatical student patriot.

By: TJ

Release details

Duration: 114 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Ralph Thomas
Screenwriter: Ian Stuart Black
Cast: Dirk Bogarde
George Chakiris
Susan Strasberg
Denholm Elliott
Grégoire Aslan
Colin Campbell
Joseph Fuerst
Nigel Stock
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