The Hunter

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The Hunter
The last Tasmanian tiger died in Hobart Zoo in 1936, but that hasn’t stopped ecologists and mystery-seekers scouring the island’s hinterland for rumoured survivors. It’s an intriguing possibility – but hardly the stuff of blockbuster cinema. Willem Dafoe plays Martin, a huntsman-for-hire paid by a pharmaceutical firm to track down the tiger for genetic experimentation. But when Martin arrives at his digs in a remote town on the edge of the wilderness, he finds a broken family and a community on the verge of collapse. ‘The Hunter’ contains some interesting ideas and conflicts – Dafoe’s relationship with Lucy (Frances O’Connor), the messed-up mother of the family, is beautifully sketched – and its ecological themes are never heavy-handed. It’s gorgeously shot, too, and performances are solid. But the central tiger hunt never feels critical enough, either to the characters or the audience, and a number of logical lapses undermine the seriousness with which director Daniel Nettheim tells his tale. Worthwhile but unsatisfying.

By: Tom Huddleston


Release details

Rated: 15
Release date: Friday July 6 2012
Duration: 102 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Daniel Nettheim
Screenwriter: Alice Addison, Wain Fimeri
Cast: Willem Dafoe
Sam Neill
Frances O'Connor
Callan Mulvey

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3 / 5

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A beautifully shot, and acted film (not just Dafoe, who is, indeed, awsome). I enjoyed it immensely, although The Hunter's ultimate redeption does require perhaps a little too much suspension of disbelief

Superb "lone man in the woods afer mythical animal" genre movie. Dafoe brings gravitas to the central role, indeed all the performances are good. Brilliant photography. Recommended.

Willem Dafoe is such a great actor and here he does not disappoint..l enjoyed this film in spite of some weaknesses in the script...Dafoe provides the film's it's tension and thrills,However just as the film gets going,a silly romantic interest starts to take centre stage..A number of other irrelevant sub plots also pop up...Dafoe finds a place to stay..It is a run down shack with no hot water no electricity and is filthy..Yet in this remote neglected hole is a lonely drop dead gorgeous woman..Yet when she is on screen she is clean,has shiny hair and is a great cook..It is just plain daft...Much as l like Dafoe,the real star of the show is the incredible prehistoric Tasmania landscape..It is worth the money just to see Dafoe acting splendidly in this awesome wilderness,but the script is a little trite

Very emotional film. Do not watch if you have an aversion to seeing cute furry creatures strung up, though! Agree that Willem Dafoe is the best thing about it - he's why I went to see it.

I thought this was a great story one man's career and ambition comes up against his humanity and you can't tell right to the end which is going to come out on top. I thought the tension was provided from family situation not too mention what happens up on the plateau. Good film 4/5.