The Last Seven

Film, Drama
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  • 2 out of 5 stars
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The Last Seven
One can argue about the quality of Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan’s blokey films, most of which are glorified straight-to-DVD titles, but there’s no questioning their work ethic. Here they are again, in an under-populated thriller about seven lost souls wandering the streets of a post-apocalyptic London. None of them knows what day it is (Judgement Day, perhaps), but memory flashes suggest they have something in common. But what could connect Hassan’s army sergeant, a drunken civil servant, a stroppy teenager, a God-botherer, an army captain in civvies, a woman who speaks no English and a journalist called William Blake? Director Imran Naqvi exploits the eeriness of the empty City, but the promising set-up fades away. The underrated Hassan has presence, and pretty much carries the film on his broad shoulders; Dyer’s enigmatic, non-speaking role will be a relief to some. The ‘surprise’ ending is not unexpected.

By: Nigel Floyd


Release details

Rated: 18
Release date: Friday August 27 2010
Duration: 84 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Imran Maqvi
Screenwriter: Imran Maqvi
Cast: Tamer Hassan
Simon Phillips
Danny Dyer

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2.3 / 5

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Roger P

This film left me thinking what the hell did I buy? 

I bought this movie due to the post apocalyptic scenario, That's my Jam, End of the world, No more life, and Zombies.
I figured after seeing the trailer and having a shaun of the dead / 28 Days later start you would see something grand, or at least good and well you simply watch on to wait and see what happens, which is really nothing much, really nothing at all but movie bore!
One by one the characters see flashbacks that seem to tie them together, or so it seems, but it isn't until the end you figure out why.
Let's cut to the chase, This is the movie in a nutshell.  Something Bad happens to the place they all wind up in together and that place gets blown up, Kablooey... And the post apocalyptic scenario is some kind of heaven or hell slash terminal to go to either of the two (heaven or hell). 
The person chasing them around the city is some sort of angel of death, soul collector. 
Bam there I said it, thats the movie.
The characters are all dead and souls waiting in an abandoned London to be collected by the Grim Reaper, minus the sickle of course, and looking very much human. 

Movie plot, ehhh ok.
Bore Factor - 10
Scare Factor - 5 ( there are a couple of "Jump" scenes)
Would I suggest you watch - If there's nothing on! 
Would I buy again - Hell NO! 


Oops, forgot to rate with stars. I give it three stars for complexity, suspense, and unusual subject matter.


Dude, can't believe you wanted to be associated with directing that film, nothing I have ever seen was this bad. I kind of got the point but you don't even explain the plot fully. You also may want to speak to Lovefilm as they are advertising this as some sort of survival thriller with political overtones. That's not fair to the viewers as the plot isn't even the same as the blurb. Thanks for wasting 88 minutes of my life.


Sorry to knock a British film, but it was a poor attempt - Danny Dyrer was only on for 1 minute at the end. A misleading summary too. Must do better.


Very good film with an eclectic cast of young British talent. Great to see time out reviewing films that support the burgeoning British film industry.


Very good film with an eclectic cast of young British talent. Great to see time out reviewing films that support the burgeoning British film industry.

natalie byrne

This is the worst danny dyer film i have ever seen, it is a tiny bit scary but thats because i'm not very good at horrors and get scared of anything. I WOULD'NT RECCOMMEND!!!!