The Last Train from Madrid

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The Spanish Civil War is pressganged as a backdrop for this atrocious farrago of love, duty and tearful self-sacrifice in which assorted characters jockey for the limited number of permits which will enable them (or loved ones) to take the last train out of war-torn Madrid. Roland and Quinn are army officers, now on opposite sides, who once swore an oath of comradeship; Lamour is the woman they both love; Ayres is an American journalist who falls for the daughter of a political activist executed as he arrived to interview him; Cummings is a callow soldier in love with a fallen woman, his innocence letting her hope for redemption. And so it goes, in a torrent of tawdry clichés, made no more palatable by inserted newsreel shots of the bombardment of Madrid. Roland, Quinn and Atwill give as sterling performances as their dialogue will permit; Lamour and Cummings challenge, respectively, for most zomboid and most embarrassing performance of the year.

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Release details

Duration: 78 mins

Cast and crew

Director: James Hogan
Screenwriter: Louis Stevens, Robert Wyler
Cast: Dorothy Lamour
Lew Ayres
Gilbert Roland
Karen Morley
Lionel Atwill
Helen Mack
Robert Cummings
Anthony Quinn
Olympe Bradna
Evelyn Brent
Lee Bowman
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