The Little Drummer Girl

Film, Thrillers
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Keaton stars as Charlie, a right-on actress recruited by Israeli intelligence to help winkle out a top Palestinian terrorist. The film's misfortune is that it capturesm all too faithfully the tortuous, pretentious and rather unimaginative approach of John Le Carré's more recent work. Kinski is allowed a few show-stealing scenes as the officer who masterminds the seduction, both mental and physical, of the reluctant Charlie, but Keaton is altogether too much the star to portray effectively a woman who is supposed to be without qualities, a blank sheet who allows herself to be written all over by a bunch of strangers. This process of character is the most interesting idea. As for the rest of the film, there's just too little action, too much talk.

By: RR

Release details

Duration: 130 mins

Cast and crew

Director: George Roy Hill
Screenwriter: Loring Mandel
Cast: David Suchet
Klaus Kinski
Diane Keaton
Yorgo Voyagis
Anna Massey
Michael Cristofer
Thorley Walters
Sami Frey
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