The Man Who Loved Women

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Charmless tale of a man whose one interest in life is looking at, pursuing, and making love to women, an obsession leading him to a premature (for him, if not for the audience) death. Seen by some as a misogynist catalogue, by others as a mature, detached examination of an unsympathetic character's fatal passion for largely indifferent females, either way it irritates by its overwrought sense of literary-style paradox, by its insistence on eccentricity as its source of humour, and by its haphazard and gratuitous form: constructed largely in flashbacks, it nevertheless fails to explain or illuminate its central character's behaviour.

By: GA

Release details

Rated: 15
Duration: 119 mins

Cast and crew

Director: François Truffaut
Screenwriter: François Truffaut, Michel Fermaud, Suzanne Schiffman
Cast: Charles Denner
Brigitte Fossey
Leslie Caron
Nelly Borgeaud
Geneviève Fontanel
Nathalie Baye
Sabine Glaser
Valérie Bonnier
Jean Dasté
Roger Leenhardt
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