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You could edit snippets from any of Jason Statham’s hard-nut capers into one long sequence and not notice the joins. The same goes for this latest round of degeneracy – a remake of Michael Winner’s awful 1972 film – in which he plays a hitman (surprise!) of such expert precision that he leaves no evidence of his kills. As in the original, which starred Charles Bronson, Arthur Bishop (Statham) is a skilful, classical-music-loving, superhuman contract killer hired by his boss to off old friend Harry (Donald Sutherland, coasting). At which point Harry’s young hitman-wannabe son Steve (Ben Foster, not bad) enters the frame and pleads with Arthur to coach him in the ways of the modern assassin – unaware that Arthur is his father’s killer – and so we launch into an episodic spate of contrived and implausible hits. With its unrelenting violence and obligatory bonking sessions, this is one for avid ‘Stath’ fans only.


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Release date:
Friday January 28 2011
92 mins

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Simon West
Richard Wenk, Lewis John Carlino
Jason Statham
Ben Foster
Donald Sutherland

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2.7 / 5

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Totally agree with the Timeout review, I'm partly convinced Statham doesn't even read scripts and they just film him going about his daily life, he even wears the same cardigan in most of his films (literally the one pictured above). But despite that, if you're a fan of Stath flicks, you'll be a fan of this. Sometimes you just need to watch Statham kick a man through a door and take out another 5 with a spoon. When you want that, watch this, Safe, any of the Transporters, Crank, Wild Card etc etc.... Basically anything other Lock Stock and Snatch - the 'thinking man's' Statham films.

A slight improvement on DEATH RACE & the TRANSPORTER trilogy, file this along with his safer movies like THE BANK JOB. Ben Foster brings an interesting dynamic to the plot as the apprentice hitman, but besides that, this is very predictable, solid fare. Shame the script isn't too sharp. Off the point slightly but notice how eachtime Jase puts a record one it has a different sleeve and different coloutr label, but it;s the same piece of music? Conitunuity or he's got a massive record colelction made up of one song!

What a great film.if you like statham its a must.Can`t believe some of the previous comments about this film,perhaps they were watching another film and got confused.Dont take their advice pop down and Vue it for yourself.

Crisp, non stop action and such nonsense. The best Stratham so far? Well, yes but that's no deal breaker. Did I hold back a toilet trip as I didn't want to miss a poxy thing? Yep! Relax, you don't ALWAYS have to go along with the hipsters! 6/10 (if it was French, T.O would agree!)

Watched this the other night because a friend and I turned up too late to watch The Fighter. I knew we would be disappointed - but I wasn't as utterly disappointed as I expected to be. First off, this is one of Statham's best films. It has a better plot and is far less stupid than the Transporter films. That's about it. Ben Foster is not bad in his young-psycho kind of role. The sex-scenes and romantic sub-plots go absolutely nowhere. It's about as good as the original - but that was shit as well.

Put it simply... Not very good. They should have made it 18 certificate. More action shots would have made it good. Sex shots spoiled the film as it was so CRAP. ITS JUST A ANOTHER MURDER FILM WITH fight scenes!!!! Rubbish

This is an excellent movie and is highly entertaining. It's no chick flick since it's non stop action and pretty violent. The film has solid performances and really great and tight direction. Dan Collins should go look for a musical somewhere because this is a highly entertaining shoot 'em/blow 'm upmovie. You are also apparently an expert on what teenage boys in America do Dan,maybe you should see someone about that. Think Bruce Willis. If you like Bruce, you'll like this movie. I was suprised when I entered the theatre to see so many people in there given the review but I know why now.