The Mountain Between Us

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3 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
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The Mountain Between Us

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3 out of 5 stars

Snowy survival yarn with Kate Winslet and Idris Elba.

Kate Winslet and Idris Elba are strangers who survive a plane crash – but will they be able to survive the snowy wilderness? It’s a heady combination of disaster movie and romance, anchored by strong performances from its stars. Based on the novel by Charles Martin, it sees the pair meeting at Salt Lake City airport when their flight is cancelled. She’s a photojournalist desperate to get home for her wedding the next day, he’s a surgeon who needs to perform surgery on a ten-year-old boy. Why not hire a small plane with a dodgy-looking pilot and a storm coming?

It’s a Mills & Boon kind of set up, but Winslet in particular adds authenticity and gravitas and the script takes its time to build up to the inevitable. Fans of survival movies will be well served by the pair’s attempts to make a nest out of the broken plane and their dilemmas (stay and wait for rescue or hike into a frozen wasteland?). It’s slightly frustrating that Winslet’s character Alex is nearly always the one who needs looking after, but the chemistry between them is good, the suspense sufficient and the ending gives you a gentle tug on the heartstrings. Oh, and there’s also a cute dog, who seems much better at this survival lark than anyone else.

By: Anna Smith



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Release date:
Friday October 6 2017
112 mins

Cast and crew

Hany Abu-Assad
Chris Weitz
Kate Winslet
Idris Elba
Beau Bridges
Dermot Mulroney

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4 out of 5 stars

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Aw man. What a wonderful film.

I tend to avoid survival movies as it causes me unnecessary stress but this was just fantastic in all the best ways.

There's unexpected romance which blossoms into something necessary and vital. It's heart warming and you get to see the likes of Edris and Kate do what they do best and act their pants off!!

The very last scene takes your breath away and I couldn't walk away the same after having watched this... just wonderful


This film is a survival and romance movie. Not sure if it totally works but I enjoyed it. The survival element was a bit light. Alex and Ben never seemed too far away from civilisation but because of Alex's busted leg they were limited in their movements. This movie is certainly not "Everest". They had a dog! Any other movie Rover would have been eaten ages ago. Still I liked the idea that the story continued way after they made it to hospital to explain the romantic aspect. I'm a sucker for a good ending and it was satisfying to see what happened next. I enjoyed it even if it appeared totally unrealistic. An entertaining movie with a great cast, not to be taken that seriously. 


Romance films are not my thing. At all. Survival films though…now you’re talking! I can always tell how good a film is by my attention span and my mind did not wander off at any point during this film. For a film that has hardly any changing scenery and only two (and a half with the dog) characters for the most part there is just about the right amount of tense moments and underlying character development to make it a gripping watch. Any more and it would be unrealistic. I think the fact that they have two really solid actors really helped. They couldn’t have done this film with second rate actors. And the romance part of it? Fortunately it’s not at all soppy or cheesy so I actually enjoyed it. 


Any film with Idris Elba is bound to be good (except The Dark Tower), and Kate Winslet reminded me that she too is a great actress....although I bet she cursed the Director when she realised she would be spending the majority of the film hobbling around with an injured leg. 

The story is about two people that need to get somewhere, but all flights are cancelled. They charter a small private plane,and it crashes in the middle of nowhere, leaving them injured, and stuck working out how to survive. 

The film is good, both leads were strong. I felt there should've been a bit more emotion in one specific scene near the end, but I would definitely watch it again in the future. 


Having a cast of two for most of the film, they have to be good. And they are. Kate Winslet and Idris Elba hold the fort for almost two hours. Needing drastic action when their plane cannot get them to their destinations, together they take a two-seater plane with disastrous results. Over the course of days, heat and food don't seem to be too much of an issue. There's always a little fire burning in the sub-zero temperatures. Snowy mountains provide the water. Ben's (Idris) irrisistable charms slowly work their magic on Alex (Kate). There are ooohs, ahhhs and oh dears but the ending is predictable and what the audience probably hopes for.