The Other Guys

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The Other Guys
A great running gag is a tricky thing to pull off: get it right and you’re looking at a bottomless well of laughs, get it wrong and you’ve got a predictable, tiresome joke that just won’t die. ‘The Other Guys’ may lack depth, insight, ambition or artistic integrity. But with no less than three successful running gags – one involving four tramps having sex in a cop car – it’s hard to imagine a sane audience complaining.

The other guys are Allen (Will Ferrell) and Terry (Mark Wahlberg). They’re decent cops stuck on desk duty in the shadow of superior officers Danson (Dwayne Johnson) and  Highsmith (Samuel L Jackson). There’s a plot in there somewhere –it’s got something to do with Steve Coogan as a corrupt businessman – but frankly it’s not worth thinking too much about. This is a movie with a single purpose, which it pursues with relentless efficiency and a spectacular rate of success: ‘The Other Guys’ just wants to make you laugh until it hurts.

To this end, writer-director and regular Ferrell  collaborator Adam McKay employs a catalogue of tried-and-tested techniques. There are two solidly drawn, superbly played mismatched heroes (Wahlberg has never been better). There’s the sprawling cast of lunatic suporting characters, notably Michael Keaton’s TLC-quoting police captain. There’s the usual unlikely romantic pairing: Ferrell’s nerdy, obsessive loser is married to an appealingly self-deprecating Eva Mendes. And there’s a wealth of  joyously berserk idiot humour, fusing slapstick and satire, surrealism and stream-of-consciousness improv into what could well prove the funniest movie of the year.

By: Tom Huddleston


Release details

Release date: Friday September 17 2010
Duration: 107 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Adam McKay
Screenwriter: Adam McKay
Cast: Mark Wahlberg
Samuel L Jackson
Will Ferrell
Dwayne Johnson
Ray Stevenson
Michael Keaton
Eva Mendes
Anne Heche
Steve Coogan
Paris Hilton
Rob Riggle
Damon Wayans Jr.
Lindsay Sloane

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2 / 5

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can we all agree we love Will Ferrell- yaaaaay Ron Burgundy! but can we also agree that he needs to stop. and he needs to stop pairing off with actors/comedians/ex-hip hop stars that he had no business being paired off with! this was not a good film, that's the long and short of it. and it definitely didn't warrant another Wahlberg/Farrell outing (Daddy's Home). Will has done he part, we all love Ron, Mugatu and the like but have you seen Everything Must Go? that's a good film and proof that Mr Ferrell needn't Sandler his career with pay-the-bills movies. he needs to buck up and have a good hard look at himself. and that's coming from a 24 year old writing on a laptop in a Starbucks. come on Will, we're rooting for you man!!

My husband and I loved this film - full of daft but very funny humour. We wholeheartedly agree with the reviewer on this one!

My husband and I loved this film - full of daft but very funny humour. We wholeheartedly agree with the reviewer on this one!

Because of a good Timeout review I actually went to see this film. I usually like Will Ferrell and most of the actors in this film, but really it was awful. I considered walking out I was so bored. I barely raised a smile at most of the 'jokes' and the rest of the cinema was with me - the audience laughed only once or twice during the entire movie. Probably the worst film I have seen all year - makes Life As We Know It look sublime by comparison (which even though it was terrible was at least funny at times).

There were about four people in there when I went. This is just boring and it's not funny at all. Will Ferrell never does or says funny things, he just says one stupid thing after another until you feel the urge to slap him silly. Everything is also done so many times, over and over. Just boring and waste of money.

The line jumped as I wrote. The reviewer's four stars is highly suspect. Will Ferrell is, as always, terriible and this is barely worth one star.

Will Ferrell cannot, I repeat CANNOT, carry a movie. Being an idiiot does not make you funny. Everything this guy does is so artificial and forced. Wahlberg looks as if he wants to be somewhere else. The reviewer thinks it's worth four stars?! So did I.

Went to see this film with my family, and it was a first we all walked out after about an hour, short on laughs, and laborious. Utter rubbish. Waste of money.

This film is terrible - what an unhelpful review. We walked out. Didn't laugh once and neither did the kids in front of us. I'm a fan of silly comedy. This is stupid but it ain't a comedy.

Unfortunately, this film just wasn't that funny. Mark Wahlberg shouted every line he had. The premis was a good one but the writer obviously couldn't decide whether to make it a total farce or not. The only vaguely amusing moment was a silent punch-up but judging by the almost total lack of response from the audience in the cinema I was in, it's not worth the admission price.

Some funny moments but spoiled by the hollywood effects and explosions in my opinion, seems like these american comedies can't just settle for humour they need loud bangs and fight scenes every ten minutes to sustain the american audiences attention!??!/ At times had trouble understanding the dialog because the backing music and sound effects were to loud. Not as funny as Anchor man or Blades of glory.but made me laugh more than the uber hyped four lions.

The Other Guys - you'll either be in the 20 per cent that laughed or the rest that didn't. Much as I love Will Ferrell the jokes were too offbeat and in many cases just lame.

Anyone who was a fan of the "Naked Gun" movies is in for a treat - there are definitely undertones of NG 'blundering good cops' about this film. But beware, this film starts really slowly, and in the first 15 minutes you wonder whether this was a good choice of movie - but the scene is being set for Wilf Ferrell's geeky/seemingly humdrum life. When the humour turns up, it's brilliant - in places side splittingly funny. At other times this movie seems to amble along and seems a bit lost. That said, when Allen's (Wilf Ferrell) wife (Eva Mendes) shows up, the humour and action go into overdrive - she's a cracking actress. Wahlberg's okay in this, but I'm not sure what he brought to the movie that another "name" couldn't have - glimpses of storylines featuring Wahlberg weren't followed through. I really enjoyed this film, but would rate it as 3 stars - the pace and script can be patchy. But I haven't laughed so hard during a movie for quite a while. Good enough to see again in a few weeks if there's nothing much on. Memorable line - Wahlberg: "Where did you learn to drive like that?" Ferrell: "Grand Theft Auto". You'll never see a red Prius and not think of this movie.

What is all this bullshit? Lets focus Enjoyable clap trap and no more. Good performances (Keaton espically) raise this.....but 4 star? forget it ! 6+/10

Are you insane??? I just saw this movie cause you gave it 4 stars. I would give it 3 at the most. Sure, it has its moments, but most of it is drab. I guess if you saw it in a crowded moviehouse it might be funnier - I saw it with just the early afternoon filmgoers in the middle of the week. I completely rate Time Out's reviews above any other, but I can't believe this got 4 stars. Were you high? Even so...