The Plague of the Zombies

Film, Horror
Perhaps a little tame these days, compared with modern gore-shock, but Gilling's Hammer chiller about zombies being exploited by a Cornish tin-mine owner (echoes of the classic White Zombie) is highly atmospheric. Often imaginatively directed (in particular a splendid, nightmarishly green-tinted vision of the undead rising from the graveyard earth), it boasts really classy photography (Arthur Grant) and an outstanding performance from Jacqueline Pearce (the admirable snake-woman from The Reptile, here being beheaded to save her from untimely zombification).

By: GA

Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

John Gilling
Peter Bryan
Andre Morell
Diane Clare
Brook Williams
Jacqueline Pearce
John Carson
Alex Davion
Michael Ripper
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