The Pope of Greenwich Village

A sad re-run of the Mean Streets idea (awkwardly adapted by Vincent Patrick from his own admirable novel): the excellent Mickey Rourke, dipping in and out of the New York Italian underworld, just can't keep tabs on his wild young protégé (Roberts, in a performance about five miles over the top). It lacks virtually everything that made Scorsese's film great, although there is a characteristically fine performance from Burt Young as Bedbug Eddie, the local Mafia boss. The final confrontation, in which Bedbug threatens to remove Rourke's right hand, gives the right chill, which the rest can't match. CPea.

By: CPea

Release details

Duration: 120 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Screenwriter: Vincent Patrick
Cast: Eric Roberts
Mickey Rourke
Daryl Hannah
Geraldine Page
Kenneth McMillan
Tony Musante
M Emmet Walsh
Burt Young
Val Avery
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