The Quick and the Dead

Film, Action and adventure
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This engagingly hyperbolic homage to the style and revenge fantasies of the spaghetti Western centres on a deadly tournament - organised by Hackman, boss of a township called Redemption - to find the fastest gun in the West. Enter a motley crew, among them Sharon Stone's Eastwood-like interloper, who has a secret agenda of her own... A deadpan black comedy, Sam Raimi's fast-paced movie looks and sounds like a Leone oater but more so. The violence is heightened by an intelligent, often hilarious use of special effects. Stone, who co-produced, is surprisingly effective in the lead, and Hackman's Herod is wonderfully, unrepentantly villainous. Terrific fun.

By: GA

Release details

Duration: 108 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Sam Raimi
Screenwriter: Simon Moore
Cast: Sharon Stone
Gene Hackman
Russell Crowe
Leonardo DiCaprio
Lance Henriksen
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