The Raid

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The Raid

The Welsh are not known for their martial arts movies, but that hasn’t stopped writer-director Gareth Evans from becoming this year’s poster child for the online fanboy community. Evans’s third film – the second shot in his adopted home of Indonesia – is ultraviolent action filmmaking on an impressive scale, but it lacks the emotional depth and narrative unpredictability required to become a genuine genre classic.

Evans’s own discovery, Iko Uwais – a practitioner of the martial art called silat  – plays Rama, a decent cop with a Jakarta Swat team whose task is to infiltrate a tower block ruled over by drug kingpin Tama (Ray Sahetapy). But no sooner are the team inside than the shutters come down and an army of fast-kicking thugs come swarming out of the woodwork. The fight scenes – shot in doc-style shakycam – are furious and bloody, snapping arms, legs and backs as the gangs square off. Uwais makes for a mesmerising lead, charming, unsettlingly vicious and quick on his feet. But there’s not enough story to make ‘The Raid’ fully compelling. A subplot involving Rama and his brother, Andi (Doni Alamsyah), feels perfunctory, as do some shenanigans with a corrupt cop.

Still, the consensus is that ‘The Raid’ marks the arrival of a major talent, and given a bigger budget and a less functional, more personal script, it’s possible Evans could come up with something special. For now, count ‘The Raid’ alongside the likes of Peter Jackson’s ‘Bad Taste’ or Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Mimic’: a talented young filmmaker flexing his muscles, stating his intent, and promising better things in the future.


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Friday May 18 2012
101 mins

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Gareth Evans
Gareth Evans
Iko Uwais
Ananda George
Ray Sahetapy

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3.4 / 5

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Loads of action and violence. Really good fight scenes. Some of it was dragged out a little. however thoroughly enjoyable for the whole time.

A Rarebit of Martial arts, for Y-Fenni one who likes their Kung-Fu! All action, zero plot, and drags a bit in the middle.. but worth a high octane 7/10

If you like your film violence at the ultra end then this is the film for you. Yes it is a bit stylised and yes the climactic fight is way over the top and you can't see how they could walk away from the beating they took but that shouldn't stop you enjoying it.. Good but not quite great.

Beautifully staged martial arts, but, like beautifully staged ballet, if you ain't THAT into bores a bit. 10 min off, 4 star........7/10 Oh and Dai, the Welsh aren't THAT well known for directing STAR WARS films either...please pick "fights" a bit more caerphilly!

Yes, a good fight film with lots of foreign people killing each other with guns and mostly knives.. Cheesy but none-stop ultra violence to take your mind off Greece and its troubles. No doubt an American remake into English will take place, but until then go along and try to count the dead bodies

This film was absoloutley brilliant to watch - the fight scenes are so impressive & slick, ok the story line is a bit predicatble - but who cares! If its an action packed film from start to finish, left me breathless just watching iot, awesome