The Simpsons Movie

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The Simpsons Movie

‘The Simpsons Movie’ opens with an Itchy and Scratchy short that the Simpsons clan turns out to be watching in a movie theatre. Homer is unimpressed: ‘Why would I pay to watch something I can see for free at home?’ It’s a confident gag on the part of the cartoon’s creators; perhaps a little too confident, as it turns out, for although this long-awaited big-screen outing for Springfield’s finest is far from disappointing, it can’t be said to represent the quantum leap from the TV series that fans might have been hoping for either.

We open with business as usual: Homer is lazy and dumb, Bart running wild, Marge concerned and Lisa thumping a worthy tub (specifically environmentalism, with a town hall presentation on the state of Lake Springfield entitled ‘An Irritating Truth’). Homer’s devotion of his limited mental energies to an infatuation with a pig instead of his daughter’s words prompts a catastrophe that places the whole town in existential danger, and the family in the path of its wrath.

The movie offers several risqué touches you wouldn’t get on TV, from Bart’s ‘doodle’ to Homer flipping his fellow citizens the bird, and a level of technical sophistication that outstrips the series, with several set-pieces and action shots that achieve real cinematic impact. Overall, however, too many elements are familiar from the small screen, from the threat to the town and the trajectory of the family’s emotional journey to details like a Native American vision and the effects of pollution on wildlife. The main new characters – a government villain, a love interest for Lisa – feel skimpy too.

The Simpsons’ creators may, however, be the victims of their own success in endowing the original show with a more cinematic sensibility than most TV. ‘The Simpsons Movie’ does not feel at sea on the big screen and, crucially, it is very funny. The cartoon’s trademark sharpness and density of gags easily sustains its running time which, in this summer of bloated blockbusters, is mercifully compact. Some of the best gags revolve around failure to learn from painful mistakes: Homer repeatedly shocking himself on electrified foodstuff, for instance. In other words, as long as it’s funny, there’s nothing wrong with more of the same.

By: Ben Walters


Release details

Rated: PG
Release date: Wednesday July 25 2007
Duration: 87 mins

Cast and crew

Director: David Silverman
Screenwriter: James L Brooks, Matt Groening, Al Jean, Mike Scully, Ian Maxtone-Graham, George Mayer, David Mirkin, Mike Reiss, Matt Selman, John Swartzwelder, Jon Vitti

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4.5 / 5

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Spiderpig spiderpig does whatever a spiderpig can. Can it swing from a web, no it cant, its a pig! That is by far the greatest and most memorable line in the film for me. This is an utterly brilliant film and one of my favourite cartoon comedies. It really does justice to this infamous series and makes me realize that life isn't so bad afterall... 

It was so funny!!! I couldn't stop laughing!!! This is the BEST movie! :)

Litrally the best movie ever. Im The Sipsons biggest fan and it tottally ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best ever Movie. I'll rate it 100/100

It was great i absolutely loved it! it felt like i was watching a tv show of the simpsons so the time length didnt matter!

It looks great i cant wait to see it!!! i dont find the tv shows very amusing but i think the film will be (P.S I'm seeing it today!!!!!!!!!!)

A fantastic film with great puns and you need to watch it yourself to get how good it is. dont look at all the bad points because there's no point in that

1 word MAGNIFACELENTICAL (translated means maginificent excelent magical ) its the best movie ever well apart from chucky I LOVE CHUCKY CHILDS PLAY 123 BRIDE AND SEED ROCK but yeh this film comes in second for my fav defo

This film sound absoulatey brillant can't wait to see it the preview looks really good speical the part about the spider pig. i have been waiting ages for this movie to come out. P.S going to see it today.

the simpsons movie is brilliantly funny although the story line isnt the best the comedy is fantastic 9/10 :P

it is a class movie 4 u and ur mates 2 go and see it was class wid ma mate u all should se it

I think the flim was great and i think that people that havent seen it should because it was funny and made you wonder what will happen next. i am glad that they have put it it on to the big screen .

sorry about my last comment as (I am gay) that was my brother oliver messing around by the way simpsons is the best movie ever america gives it thumbs up!!!

Wikid !!!!!!!!! Me and My freinds went to watch it. IT IS WORTHWHILE WITH A LOT OF COMEDY SCENES

People! This is a review page. Enough of the 'looks well good I going to see wednesday!' We honestly dont care and a review is writing something about something you have read or seen eg The Simpsons Movie!!! When you seen the movie come on and tell us because otherwise you just wasting your time. By the way. The movie is amazing and its about time it hit big screen. It was funny all the well through and had a random but enjoyable storyline. For those who didnt understand that. That was a real review! get the idea now?

if any 1 thinks its rubbish they r wrong i am goin 2 see it and i no it is goin 2 b FAB

Amazing film, would recomend it to anyone who likes The Simpsons. Lots of good gags and one-liners.

it changed my life, it unearthed thoughts and emotions that i never new existed in me, i am a shell of my former self and now can look at the world in a warm and deep and meaningful way.....I HAVE BEEN REBORN!!!!!!

FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!!!! Wear a nappy cause u will be laughing non stop (warning funny funny film)

Oh my god! The film was immense. I loved the bit when Arnie S aka. the president, chose his second option of what to do with Springfield, and chose 6! LoL moment!

This is the funniest film of the year by far. I was laughing constantly through it. If you understand all the jokes, you are garanteed to wet yourself!

the film is brill you must to go and see it it is the best movie ever plz oh plz go and see it you wont have any douts when youv seen it so go on get out there go and see it ps. plz oh plz go and see it plz plz plz you realy will engoy it do it gust for me lisa

it looks soooooo funny!!! i cant wait to see it! Spider Pig, Spider Pig, awesome!

I disagree with the review. It is saying that it was a mistake to bring it nto the big screen. Well I remember an old saying. 'If at first you don't suceed, try again.' What the hell is the problem with advancing something further? What's wrong with taking the odd gamble, even if it is a big one. Otherwise, what else are they gonna do? Let it go on and on until 3 seasons before the last season, they make new seasons! My point is that games, movies, special guests, public events, they all promote the things that we love; TV Shows! P.S. Seeing it tommorow, first day, first showing! :D

the movie looks fab!! i have been waiting for this 4 years cnt wait 2 c it!

The trailor looks good but the new episodes that have been shown recently are pretty bad and their not funny so hopefully they have been putting all the gags into this film. Im gonna see it the day it comes out XX

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