The South

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The sublime Spirit of the Beehive was a daunting act to follow, but ten years on Erice produced a film to equal that earlier masterpiece. The setting is northern Spain in the late '50s. We look again through the eyes of a child, ever watchful and all-seeing, winkling out the secrets of this world apart, where there is neither Good nor Evil; no heroes, no escape; and life is lived in spluttering bursts of poetic intensity. Erice creates his film as a canvas, conjuring painterly images of slow dissolves and shafts of light that match Caravaggio in their power to animate a scene of stillness, or freeze one of mad movement. The dramatic impact of gorgeous image and tantalising message is enormous.

By: FD

Release details

Duration: 94 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Victor Erice
Screenwriter: José Luis Lopez Linares
Cast: Omero Antonutti
Lola Cardona
Sonsoles Aranguren
Iciar Bollàn
Rafaela Aparicio
Germaine Montero
Aurore Clément
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