The Southerner

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A harsh yet human antidote to traditional Hollywood attitudes about 'real people', this is (with Diary of a Chambermaid) Renoir's most successful American film, loose, free-flowing, honest. A year-in-the-life of Zachary Scott, Betty Field and family, poor sharecroppers turned self-employed, both romantic and realistic in its investigation of courage and freedom, both accurate and impressionistic in its view of 'nature', so that you can smell the river and the dead rain after the flood that almost ends their struggle. (From the novel Hold Autumn in Your Hand by George Sessions Perry.

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Release details

Duration: 91 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Jean Renoir
Screenwriter: Jean Renoir, Hugo Butler
Cast: Zachary Scott
Betty Field
J Carrol Naish
Beulah Bondi
Percy Kilbride
Blanche Yurka
Charles Kemper
Norman Lloyd
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