The Student Teachers

Film, Comedy
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Foremost among Kaplan's virtues as a film-maker are economic characterisation and a fast, taut sense of pacing, learned no doubt during his apprenticeship with the Roger Corman exploitation factory. Demonstrating that he always showed promise, this movie from those cheapo, cheerful days takes the typical tale of its heroines' extra-curricular activities and turns it against all expectations. While paying lip-duty to traditional audience titillation techniques by frequently baring the upper regions of the nubile educationalists, Kaplan prefers to concentrate on issues of sexual politics, crime and racism, at the same time revelling in an often hilarious sense of absurd parody (Sandra Dee as a source of syphilis in a sex-education film). No great movie, but great fun.

By: GA

Release details

Duration: 79 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Screenwriter: Danny Opatoshu
Cast: Susan Damante
Brooke Mills
Bob Harris
John Cramer
Dick Miller
Don Steele
Robert Phillips
Chuck Norris
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